Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Yankees Should Target Chase Headley & Other Padres

The New York Yankees have gotten terrible production out of their third basemen this year and should look to upgrade at that position this July 31st trading deadline. A perfect place to begin that look is in San Diego where once division hopefuls have lost 14 of their last 15 games and have fallen way out of the Wild Card and National League West races. The Padres seem to be ready to start selling off pieces and I think Brian Cashman should be monitoring this situation closely as the Padres have many players that could conceivably improve this team, name Chase Headley.

Chase Headley is under team control for the 2014 season as a Super Two and is making $8,500,000 this season and expects a raise next season somewhere around the $12,000,000 that will come off the books with Kevin Youkilis leaving.  Headley's stock is down right now with a .229/.330/..359 with seven home runs output but the Yankees brass and fans know that Chase Headley can be a lot better. Even with Headley having a down season the Yankees have only gotten a .218/.281/.293 triple slash out of their current crop of third basemen David Adams, Alberto Gonzalez, and Jayson Nix. Even if we did acquire Chase Headley we could still have the highest paid designated hitter ever in Alex Rodriguez for the 2013 and 2014 seasons and beyond and still compete. Would the San Diego Padres be interested in a deal centered around Phil Hughes to get Headley in pinstripes? I know that Hughes would love pitching in Yellow Stone Park Stadium in San Diego but the issue would be if he would be willing to sign an extension with the Padres. I would be willing to give up Phil Hughes, David Adams, and a lesser and lower pitching prospect or two to acquire Chase Headley but would it be enough?

If the Yankees are still interested in a right handed outfielder we could make a run at guys like Chris Denforfia who is signed through 2014 and has put up a .271/.328/.394. We could also make a run at Carlos Quentin who is a little too much home run or nothing for me although he has put up an impressive .275/.366/.496. Quentin is owed $17,000,000 through 2015 and has a $10,000,000 option for the 2016 season. I cannot say I am exactly happy with our current crop of outfielders but I see a lot more needs in front of outfielders so I would pass unless the price was right. I really think Chase Headley is the obvious upgrade here and his stock is not going to get any lower so I say pounce now or there are going to be some empty seats and really cheap New York Yankees tickets to be had in the near future. Are you reading this Brian Cashman?


  1. The problem is this... would a non-contender trade for somebody with only 1 year remaining before free agency? If an extension is worked out I can see it, but otherwise it would be a waste for SD.

    1. I did point out specifically that the issue would be getting Hughes to agree to an extension...

    2. Sort of my ass, lol. And I quote

      "I know that Hughes would love pitching in Yellow Stone Park Stadium in San Diego but the issue would be if he would be willing to sign an extension with the Padres."


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