Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In-game Reaction (NY v NY)

Any Yankee fan knows that Mets fans have a natural inferiority complex.  Furthermore any "true" Yankees fan hates the Mets and their whiny fans.

Much to my chagrin as I sat watching the 1st inning of the 84th MLB All-Star Game (presented by Head & Shoulders, Pepsi, and whomever else paid for naming rights), Robinson Cano gets pegged in the right knee by the rookie Met, Matt Harvey, after "the new face of MLB" according to ESPN, Mike Trout, lines a double to start the game.

(According to Burch...it was not his knee but rather his quad.  Well that's great...Yankees players never have issues with a quadriceps muscle...this was confirmed just a few minutes ago by Fox)

But besides that, this is just another reason to hate the Mets.  I have compiled a quick list of why I and all Yankees fans should hate them:

1) They play in Flushing.  Need I say more?
2) The name just sounds douchebaggish (is that even a word?)...if you are going to have a crappy name at least don't shorten it Metropolitans!
3) They ruined Doc Gooden's career by allowing all that coke to be in jested.
4) They had Nolan Ryan and didn't keep him.
5) They stole Johan Santana and Carlos Beltran from the Yanks...oh wait, nevermind...
6) Mike Piazza v Roger Clemens
7) Pedro Martinez v Don Zimmer...yeah he was a Red Sox player then but he went on to play for the Mets...I hold grudges.
8) Mike Piazza's hair.  It's just so soft and dandruff-free!
9) Somehow winning 2 World Series titles makes New York a National League town (according to David Wright during the Home Run Derby last night)
10) Bobby Valentine...although the mustache disguise was awesome.

There is one reason to like the Mets, however: their 1986 win over the Boston Red Sox.

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