Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Look Now But Vernon Wells Is Awake Again

I think Vernon Wells is having the quietest productive month of baseball in the history of quiet and productive baseball. On June 22nd against the Tampa Bay Rays, shortly after being ousted as an every day player by Zoilo Almonte, Vernon Wells pinch hit and walked off with a double. Since then Vernon Wells has been batting over .300 although he has only two extra base hits in that span. While Vernon has been a huge part of the Yankees transitioning from the Bronx Bombers to the Bronx Singles's Vernon has still been a productive piece of the lineup. Vernon was not brought here to be a middle of the order type of hitter but has been forced to be with the rash of injuries the Yankees have endured this season. While I am not ready to crown Vernon Wells for what he has done he has been far from our biggest thing to worry about in this lineup and I will take anything like that at this point. Maybe Vernon can continue this barrage of hits for the rest of the season and add some power in there and we can get this ball rolling again into the win column.

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