Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Game 100 - Rangers vs. Yankees

Regular Season Game 100
Texas Rangers (55-44) vs. New York Yankees (52-47)
Rangers Ballpark in Arlington - Arlington, Texas
TV/Radio: MY9/WCBS 880
8:05pm EST

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Lyle Overbay 1B
Vernon Wells DH
Eduardo Nunez SS
Brent Lillibridge 3B
Melky Mesa LF
Austin Romine C

Pitching: Phil Hughes, RHP


Ian Kinsler 2B
Jurickson Profar 3B
Nelson Cruz RF
Adrian Beltre DH
A.J. Pierzynski C
Elvis Andrus SS
Mitch Moreland 1B
Craig Gentry CF
Engel Beltre LF

Pitching: Alexi Ogando, RHP


  1. Always a bad thing for me to do but, I was thinking about the whole A-Rod thing and came up with this;
    IF A-Rod is not guilty of anything (hay, it could be so) and can play at 85%+ of his former self...the Yankees need him!

    IF A-Rod is guilty; Life time ban!! This would take care of many things, Hall of Fame (NO), contract would be voided, strong message sent to others that may wish to delve into the PED market.

    My hope is for the first option!

  2. Lifetime ban would def be best thing for Yanks but it won't be that easy and I'd expect a long protracted fight between MLB and ARod. I think Braun's willingness to take a 65 game ban speaks volumes for Bosch's credibility as a witness/stool pigeon. Sources say the evidence on ARod is far greater than on Braun and ARod may have also attempted to interfere with the process. Add in the fact that ARod previously used PEDs and has been hypocritical in being an advocate against them...he is a huge target.

    Whether ARod retires for injury reasons or is forced out, his future with the Yankees is all but over. He may play some games this season but long term he's done. Even if he only gets a 1 year suspension, would we want a 40-yr old 3B who just missed 2 seasons? Please go away Alex. Do us all a favor....we'll cherish the memories of 2009 but don't sully your rep any more by hanging around and leaving the team in limbo.

  3. A-Rod has been the whipping boy for his steroid use. There were 99 other players who tested positive when he tested positive years ago. Now is the time to bring those names into the for front. The best hitters of the last 15-20 years took steroids and MLB and writers looked the other way, now it's all about A-Rod. Now today we find out that A-Rod got a second opionion and a Hackensak doctor said he doesn't have a thigh strain after looking at the MRI. Looks like the Yanks don't want him to return. I for one think he would be better than Adams, or the othe 5 third basmen they have run out there this year. I say, bring A-Rod back pronto, along with Grandy, Jeter, and Nix and let's see if we can make the playoffs Add Soriano to the mix also. Forget the steroid garbage, the best players of this era took steroids, amphetetamines, or HGH, so let's move on! The witch hunt towards A- Rod is something George would have never put up with, he always did everything to win, and not bringing A-Rod up just makes this group look like they are more concerned with picking up insurance money rather than winning baseball games. I'll take a bad A-Rod over a good Adams at this point.

  4. Doug - Do you really think ARod is being treated unfairly? He was caught for testing positive back in 2003 and although he may have been embarassed, there was absolutely no recourse or discipline against him. It was just a big story because he was the game's best hitter and was going to break the HR record. Now this Bosch case apparently has tons of damning evidence in it. MLB is perfectly within their right to suspend all players involved in that.

    Steroids have been a huge part of baseball since the 80s and MLB did nothing about it. Now that they have a legitimate program in place, Braun, ARod and all others caught deserve their suspensions. In the 80s, 90s and early 200s it was a free for all.....and i don't blame players for using back then. But anyone who is still using needs to have the book thrown at them.

    Regarding the quad issue, who knows whats up. Cashman said Alex has been complaining about his quad for weeks, refused to advance his rehab to AAA because of the quad and asked out of rehab games because of it. Read Cashman's comments...they are sick and tired of ARod's crap.

    Yankee management would love to get out of ARod's contract and have a good chance to do so either through suspension or injury insurance. I don't blame them one bit for pursuing it. And I disagree about George. Yes, if he liked a player he'd back him up, but do you remember why he was suspended from baseball in the late 80s? A very similar situation......he hated Dave Winfield because he didn't produce to his liking in the post-season like Reggie did.....so George hired a convicted felon to attempt to dig up dirt on Winfield and have him blackmailed. can you imagine what george would be doing now?

  5. Doug....
    You have it in a nutshell!
    Guility...Ban him!
    If not guilty...Cashman and everyone else...get over it!
    I have said and repeat; cheats and lies, I can get along without, but if he is not that...play him Cashman!
    Cashman ignored Jeter when he said the same thing about coming back but had a fit when A-Rod did it. Cashman has shown many times he is not a fan of A-Rods...from day one.
    I always thought it was Joe T and his click behind all the BS story's about A-Rod that were proven to be half-truths, but now I am not sure it was only the click!

    If King George was around to-day, A-Rod would be long gone (if guility) or he would back him to the hilt! George would have backed him IF A-Rod came clean with him. No games, like Cashman is playing. George gave everyone two and many, many more chances to prove themselves.

  6. You're right Ken. George was a HUGE believer in 2nd chances and would back his players to the max if they were straight-up and attempting to do the right thing....Howe, Doc, Straw, etc.

    But let's stop kidding ourselves....does anyone believe Alex is innocent in this Bosch story? Obviously Ryan Braun was buying PEDs off the guy and all sources are saying the evidence MLB has on Alex is even stronger.

    The games between the Yankees and ARod and MLB and ARod will continue for a long time for 1 reason and 1 reason only......not because they don't like ARod's personality or whatever....the reason is MONEY$$$$$!!! The Yankees owe him well over $100 Million and have a legitimate opportunity to recoup tens of millions at minimum for a 50-100 game ban but more importantly could get reimbursed for 80% of the total from their insurance if Alex retires due to injury.

    There are a ton of games going on behind the scenes because there is so much money at stake. If Alex is forced to retire because of his injury BEFORE he's suspended, he collects ALL of his money. If MLB suspends him first, he forfeits any money for the period of suspension.

    The games and lawyers involved in this situation are endless and I'd expect it to drag on for a long time. In the yankees best interest, i hope it's resolved as soon as possible so they know what they are dealing with and can adjust accordingly.

  7. fishjam, everything you have said is true, and it will only hurt the Yanks chances in the future.

  8. Boooya like we say in P.R. ..QUE BOCHINCHE !

  9. fishjam...
    Thanks for the reply!
    What is that line...;"Follow the money"...sounds as though it fits this scenario to a "T"

    That's one of the reasons I said, "Ban him or Play him"!

    Games are more in line with Randy and Hal, as it involves MONEY!

  10. David Robertson is coming into his own, he should be the closer next year. He has a good moving fastball, and great secondary pitches.


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