Sunday, July 28, 2013

Game 105 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

Well guess who's back...again. Jeter's back...again. Let's hope he doesn't injure himself...again. Anywhere, here's the lineup...again! 

Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano LF
Vernon Wells DH
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Brent Lillibridge 3B
David Adams 1B
Chris Stewart C

Phil Hughes RHP

Some Notes:

-- Jayson Nix was in the clubhouse today but he's not being activated. Instead, he's hoping to be activated Tuesday when the Yankees go to play the L.A. Dodgers.

-- Nix also spoke about Curtis Granderson. Granderson is almost ready to come back to the majors and play some games according to Nix.

-- David Phelps was also in the clubhouse today. No word on when he returns.


  1. With the return of shot, one, I mean one at bat one HR.

    I hope fishjam is ok with this comment of his from May 7, 2013, in answer (in part) to a comment made by a non-Jeter lover!

    Of Jeter, he said:

    1) He always plays hard and plays the game with dignity & respect

    2) he’s a classy guy who is respected and revered by his opposition and teammates

    3) he’s a close-knit family guy who’s Mom, Dad and sister can be seen at almost every game. Despite all the millions, his family looks like the family next door in jeans and casual clothes at the games. Jeter still talks to his Mom & Dad every day

    4) playing under the biggest spotlight in sports, he never gets into trouble despite the fact that he’s dated some of the hottest women on Earth

    5) as a half-white, half-black guy he has NEVER played the racial card in any way

    6) I’ve never heard or read him say a bad word about anyone in his nearly 20 years in the NY spotlight.

    Very well written and spot on!

  2. Nice to see you approaching enlightenment.
    Time for a new hero, Ken.
    The old one is done.

  3. Ken is waking up finally Jeter is the spark, Arod is a big dud.

  4. You and others have not got it yet have you?
    A-Rod is and has been the far better player over the years. One can say he had help but the facts are, even before the PEDs etc., he was better.
    I could care less how fans hate him (with the help of the media) he had the talent to carry a team for months on end. Can that be said of very many other players...yes, but that is why they are the players teams want on their side of the field.
    All the stuff fishjam wrote about Jeter is true but, give me 3 (Clean) A-Rods and I will win over 100 games a year.

    Jeter is by far the better poster boy for all of baseball, and the right SS for this team over the years. He has done more than was expected of him. He will deck the Halls of Fame but, it will not be because of any MLB records he has set...unless he were to pass Pete!

    Bottom line; IF A-Rod is guilty this time he should be banned for chance is all we have in life...he has had two, ONE to damn many!

    What is worse than him doing all that stuff is; most players would walk through fire for the talent he has been given by God and wasted.

    By the way, A-Rod has never been my hero at all, I just got tiered of all the BS...just so we all know, Mickey...with all his faults, was and is, my hero. He played through more injuries than any other player I have ever seen.

    END of a very sad story, what a waste!

  5. OK, I'll buy that!

  6. No problem can re-print my words on Jeter. The guy has been a poster boy for baseball and us as Yankees fans have been spoiled by having 2 of the most prolific, most respected players to play the game on our team at one time in Jeter & Mariano. It won't be the same without those 2.

  7. Kenneth Reed - Arod is a liar and a cheater. You've backed the wrong guy for years. Now with the truth coming out again , you are forced to admit you've been foolish.

  8. Truth it be, fishjam!

  9. Is that you T-man, I'll take it as though it is...if not, I am sorry to insult you! :)

    You Don't get it after all these years! Talk about a Box of Rocks.

    A-Rod had more God-given talent then damn near any player in Baseball...well, He and Mo!

    A-Rod made a mistake in Texas, everyone else has had second (and more) chances...a few of them played for the Yankees, remember? Why should he be any different? So, I gave him a second chance and played devils advocate for him because everyone else was against him and I got tired of hearing how great a singles hitter is over a game changer like A-Rod.

    PC people don't say what they think...they say what is PC at the time. The much maligned Mickey Mantle when asked a question, would answer it as he knew it to be and let the chips fall.

    I am sorry that you and some of the fans don't understand my stand on A-Rod; 1) Talent over likability. 2) Baseball instincts. 3) 2nd chance, only! 4) Respect the play of A-Rod, not the person.

    Jeter; 1) Baseball instincts. 2) Likeability. 3) One heck of a player. 4) Respect his overall game, don't trust PC.

    With me, everyone has one chance in life, you blow that and you are way or another! I have learned to give people a 2nd chance but, if guilty...that's three strikes!

    If that makes me a Jeter hater or a A-Rod lover in your be it! You have the right to your opinion, as long as you understand, I also have that right!



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