Friday, July 5, 2013

Game 86 Lineup: Orioles vs. Yankees

Time for the Yankees to extract revenge (and to win their 5th straight). Here's your starting lineup!

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Travis Hafner DH
Vernon Wells LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Luis Cruz SS
Chris Stewart C
David Adams 3B

Ivan Nova P

Some Notes:

-- There is some good news on the injury front for the Yankees.

Derek JeterDerek Jeter will play for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees tomorrow night as the first game of his rehab assignment. He's slated to go 5 innings and will play SS.

Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez will play for the Tampa Yankees this afternoon at Lakeland.

-- Yankees HOPE Week will be from July 8-12.

-- If you're a fan of the Trenton Thunder, the Bat Dog Chase is retiring today after working 10 years on the job. He's been there since 2003. I felt it was important to address this.

-- All-Star voting has ceased as of last night. After the Yankees game tomorrow afternoon, you can watch the All-Star selection show at 6:30 p.m. on FOX. Let's hope Joe Buck and Tim McCarver aren't the ones announcing the All-Stars.


  1. Just for the heck of it, I have a question for you fans!
    In order of need and production, which players would you say we need the most;
    Jeter, A-Rod, or Nunez?

  2. Good question Ken and not to cop out but it's difficult to say. Reason is it depends on how healthy we'd get them back and if we are talking for this season or long term.

    If we are talking this season and assuming each player would come back near 100%, it's a toss-up between ARod and Jeter. Jeter would supply a much-needed .300+ hitter to the lineup and a guy who crushes LHP which has been a weakness for this team. Some people may not believe it, but he would also supply some needed leadership and positivity. I thought when Jeter broke his ankle in the playoffs, the Yankee team died in spirit and all but packed it in vs Detroit. That provided a bit of proof to how important he is to the team's psyche.

    ARod would provide badly needed power and a general threat that teams would have to respect behind Cano. The Yanks don't have much for pitchers and managers to worry about behind Robby which is why we've seen so many IBBs to him. If Alex could show he's still a legit HR hitter, it would help the lineup so much. Not even the 40-50 HR guy he once was, just a 20-25 Hr guy would be a big lift.

    Nunie is a distant 3rd if we are talking about this yr solely but he could be the most important talking long term. He looked much improved defensively this yr which was his biggest weakness. He wasn't hitting but I think he has the ability to be a .280 hitter with 10 hrs and 30+ steals if he played everyday. Those would be excellent numbers for a SS.

  3. Than you for a very well thought out answer fishjam, good job…as always!

    With my answer, it will be said; “There he goes again” but…not so!

    My opinion, some facts, some been there done that, with a few lies just to keep it light!

    A-Rod and Jeter will not be 100% for a long time, if ever.

    3rd-is a black hole, ok “D” but “AA” hitting…unacceptable.
    SS-with Nunez back before the others…very good up grade!

    A-Rod at 80% is much better than anyone around, will add much-needed back-up for the best hitter on the team! Not only is he right-handed but has power to all fields. His “D’ was among the top in the league last year, if he is at 75-80% of his normal playing skills…he has to be #1

    Nunez-SS, much-needed upgrade at SS. Would out produce Jeter by a lot…as a complete SS.

    Jeter…he is still the Captain but, he will play at 75-80% have much less range than he has had over the last 4-5 years. Jeter will not hit as he once did because, he will be a part-time player!

    The ankle will not let him be the Jeter of .300 avg and Gold Gloves anymore.
    Let me say again, I am not picking on Jeter at all…facts are facts! I have said before; I had the same fracture as Jeter had, I still have some trouble with my ankle.

    This is my opinion and non-argumentative, I am not as optimistic as you fishjam! Hopefully, you are closer to being right than I am.

    Thanks again!

  4. I hear ya Ken. I was going under assumption that all players will be close to recovered though we know that won't happen. But I still believe at 80-90 percent, Jeter is slightly more valuable.

    Going back to the end of last yr when both Jeter and Alex were playing injured, Jeter was still contributing (he hit nearly .400 vs Baltimore in the playoffs on a severely damaged ankle) while Alex was completely worthless to the point where he couldn't even make contact in the playoffs. Playing at less than 100% may be more conducive to Jeter who just flicks singles and doubles than Alex who seems to lose all HR power when he can't get the torque in his hips.

    Looks like Jeter is only days away from returning and while he won't be the guy who led MLB in hits a year ago, he will be a welcome return. The Yanks have gotten next to nothing from the SS position and badly need a RH DH. Jeter and Nunez can alternate between these 2 positions.

  5. fishjam...
    I think I understand your reasoning! My biggest concern with Jeter will be his defence, his hitting is going to be affected somewhat but, only knock-off .020/.025 his avg...of course there is the possibility he comes out on fire...!

    With A-Rod, it is a bit different! They found he had been playing with a bad hip almost all of the year, we all understand what that means to a power hitter!
    Until 2008, A-Rod was productive but, with the onset of a bad hip, things have gone down hill for him.
    If he were to come back as he did in 2009, I think we would all be happy to see that happen.

  6. Just heard the Tigers traded for Papelbon! The Yanks may be able to trade Joba and Hughes to the Phillies for Ruiz and Young. The Phillies have had scouts looking at Joba. I wouldn't trade too much young talent for either players. If the Phillies insist on a prospect for Young it would have to be a second tier player like Romine or Montegomery. I would trade Romine and Adams for Ruiz and Young.


  7. Sorry to disappoint Doug but the trade is fake. It was tweeted from a fake account. :(

  8. Delia, thanks I heard it on the radio on my way home. I'm not disappointed, I didn't want the Tigers to get him. Delia, you must be disappointed with all this talk on the site about trading Gardner.

  9. It's all it is's talk and rumors. Yanks aren't going to trade Gardner. He's too valuable. That's how I see it. :)

  10. Gardner needs to go...he's not part of the future anymore...the Cashman/Girardi trash ruined him.

  11. Brett still has 4-5 good years (as far as speed goes) and more as a player.

    Joe T didn't want Brett and let Cash know about it. Joe G and Cash brought Brett up in '08, I don't understand how Joe G had anything to do with trashing Brett?
    If Brett were to be traded, who would be a better option? No one on the farm, right now! Go out and get a CF...again who would play for the money Hal would pay them?
    Trading for pitchers is a no-no! We have enough pitching, we need fielders that can hit. :)

  12. Doug how about those Cougars from Cranford.# 1 in the state.

  13. hI DELIA, dont worry Gardy is the only real player the Yanks have under contract going into next year no way he goes!!!!!

  14. About time you dropped in Ballpark…..
    I know, this is your busy time so, let me say.”you came back with a bang, and thanks for doing so”!

  15. ballpark, great to hear from you, my wife and I went to the finals, it was sloppy game but we came out on top. The bunt was the big weapon in this one. I went up to Cranford to try and get a hat a couple of weeks ago, went to the new Memorial field complex by the Parkway, McCafferty is doing a great job with the program, 3 state championships in 4 years, and now #1 in the state of New Jersey, my hat is off the him. I just read where the Yanks are aggressively shoping Joba and Hughes, smart on their part. Looks like the Giants, Phills, and Braves are interested. I would love to see the Yanks get Ruiz and Young, both are expiring contracts and they would shore up the Yanks weakest position players. Would also like to see the Yanks get a pitching prospect in a deal. I wouldn't be apposed to give up some secondary prospects.

  16. Delia, I like Gardner but I wish he would learn how to steal bases. That part of his game frustrates me, even Nunny is a better base stealer.

  17. Hey Doug what did u think of williamson?
    I was at most of the state games ,i coached them in the fall and work with most of the hitters. Cranford does theiir winter training with my guys at the ballpark for the last 14 years.
    As for the Yanks I think its time tio rebuil for next year and the future.This team has no shot,i would copy what Boston did last year,move pieces that dont fit play as many of our young guys so to better evalueate and then become buyers this winter,

  18. McCan ,ellsbury, beltran,rodney would be my targets.
    Maybe a young 3b could be traded for using some of our bp arms.
    I also would hope Yanks finish in the bottom 10 so they would get a secured top talent and i would go after a college ss.
    The Os and the Rays have too much young talent ,yanks have to really try close the gap ,and the time is now.

  19. ballpark, you and Mc did a great job with the hitters, I really liked the little lefty hitting fifth or sixth. Williamson has a good repeatable motion, his secondary pitches need some work. I think he needs to develop a change-up to be effective at the next level. I saw him pitch as a freshman agains't Ocean City in the finals, he has come along way. I saw where the catcher will be going to Rutgers, he should do well, I saw him hit 2 homeruns in the final last year. As for the Yanks I don't see them following the Sox blueprint. They won't be able to dump the A-Rod or Tex contracts.

  20. ballpark, I agree the O's and Rays have a lot ot young talent, the O's only need pitching to be dominant, while the Rays are hurt by their budget and their lack of fan support. The Rays should be re-located to Charlotte. No way the Sox trade Ellsbury to the Yanks, C- Ruiz and McCann could be an option, Young looks like a good fit at this point.

  21. ballparknj...good evening.
    It seems like such a long time, since you posted last. Hope this finds you well.
    No disrespect, but in recent have been sketchy at best.
    This volcanic upheaval of posts is very different. So unlike you. But, great stuff.
    Your words remind me of......a fleeting breeze through the curtains, not long ago.


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