Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yankees Should Reset Their Rotation For Boston Series

The All Star break can and should give the Yankees a chance to reset their rotation with a very important series with the Boston Red Sox looming this weekend. The Yankees have announced that they will be sending out Andy Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda, and CC Sabathia in that order to the mound to face off with the team they are chasing in the AL East. This is, in my opinion, what the Yankees should send out to face the Red Sox hitters.

CC Sabathia got the start against the Minnesota Twins on Sunday in the final start before the All Star game and the first half and would lineup up to pitch on normal rest in the first game of the Boston series. CC Sabathia is our ace, even if in name only, and gives us a better shot to win against the Red Sox then say an Andy Pettitte at this point.

Hiroki Kuroda pitched last Friday night against the Twins and would line up to pitch Saturday's game against Boston with two extra days rest. Kuroda has been our ace in every facet of the word and these are games that we almost must have at this point so we have to find a way to get Kuroda into the series.

Phil Hughes is too home run friendly and Andy Pettitte has been awful lately so the only option we have is to continue pitching the hot hand of Ivan Nova. Now I know that Nova would be pitching on 10 days rest so theoretically we could switch him and CC Sabathia out and give the big man a few days extra rest as well but either way lately Nova has been our 3rd best pitcher and has to find his way into this series. Whether it be 8 days rest or 10 I worry about potential rust and command issues but it is what it is at this point.

This series with Boston is a make or break series in my opinion because of what it could mean. If we get swept we could fall too far out of contention and go into a sell mode. If we sweep then we may become more aggressive in buying at the trade deadline. If we win or lose two out of three then the picture just becomes more and more grayed. Either way we have to give our team the best shot to win or even sweep this series and we do that with these three men on the field.

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