Friday, August 9, 2013

Derek Jeter Appreciation Thread

Derek Jeter has just played a hand full of games this season and has been on the disabled list more times this season combined then he ever probably was in his career (or three times, whichever is closer) but I still felt compelled to include him in our final "Appreciation" post. Jeter comes off the disabled list the first time and the Yankees not only win but put up an unheard of, sarcastic exaggeration but not by much with this offense, eight runs against the Kansas City Royals. Jeter would find himself back on the DL after the game only to work himself back once again and would hit a home run on the first pitch he saw against Matt Moore and the Rays. Derek Jeter just being on the field, home run or not, sends the Yankees a message that he is ready to put us on his back and lead us to the promised land. I do not think it is a coincidence that Alfonso Soriano was 0-8 as a Yankee before Jeter came back and then went 4-5 with a walk off in the game against the Rays that Jeter returned to. Jeter makes the offense better and makes everyone take a collective breathe while at the plate because one run may not necessarily beat us anymore. Thank you Derek for 18 great years as a Yankee, for not having a twitter account, for smashing every woman that could possibly be in a Vogue magazine, and for loving the game more than anyone in the game. Thank you for being you Jeter! Get well soon and let's get back on the field and start winning again!

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