Friday, August 9, 2013

It Is Time To Sell: Chris Stewart

I know what you are all thinking when you read the title of this post but just hear me out.

The St. Louis Cardinals recently lost their All Star catcher Yadier Molina to injury and were said to be looking for a temporary replacement at the July 31st trading deadline. Chris Stewart would be a perfect match for the Cardinals as his bat is sufficient enough to play everyday but not good enough to make any waves when Yadier comes back. Stewart is still arbitration eligible in 2014 and would serve as a cheap and very competent back up for the Cards, especially in the National League. His defense and his control over the running game would surely be attractive to the Cardinals as well I would think so a deal could be made here, especially considering that I don't see a problem with Stewart clearing waivers. 

The Cardinals have a great farm system so, without getting too specific because I never claimed to be a Cardinals farm system expert, they should have plenty of  guys either blocked or log jammed that could become available. Obviously we are not going to get a Matt Adams here but if we could get a AA or AAA pitcher out of the deal I would be ecstatic. 

The Yankees would then have room to call up the red hot JR Murphy from Scranton and finally give him his shot at the majors. The Yankee have been grooming high end catchers for some time now and it is about time we saw some dividends from the likes of Austin Romine and JR Murphy. 

Does it work for both teams? Sure it does but keep in mind that doesn't always mean it is going to go down like that. Remember this is a MOCK trade and pure speculation on my part but damn wouldn't it be nice? 

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