Friday, August 9, 2013

It Is Time To Sell: Lyle Overbay

Lyle Overbay, and let this sink in and let it show how far we have fallen as a team this season, has been a godsend for the New York Yankees this season after being released at the end of spring training by the Boston Red Sox. Overbay has been a savior for the Yankees at first base, and when needed in the outfield, and has probably been our biggest clutch hitter this season. The best thing is he has to have trade value at this point but not enough to probably get claimed on waivers, thus allowing us to trade him to anyone we want.

The AL East is out so we can move on from them, the St. Louis Cardinals have a log jam at first base so count them out as well, but what about the Arizona Diamondbacks? They have right handed Paul Goldsmchidt currently there and he is having a tremendous season offensively but Overbay could definitely add some depth and veteran leadership along with Eric Chavez in that infield. Overbay gives the D Backs a different look from the left side of the plate and would be a valuable part time player in their playoff run this season.

The Diamondbacks have plenty of guys in the lower levels of the minor leagues so if we could get a AA arm for Overbay I think that would be fair. There is no replacement for veteran leadership in an overall young clubhouse, clutch hitting, and good defense at a premium position. I'd hate to lose Overbay but the fit works in Arizona and we are going no where really fast this season.

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