Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Yankees Schedule The Rest Of The Way

The Yankees are within striking distance of a playoff shot via the Wild Card, although the AL East seems like a distant dream at this point, but that may change very quickly. The Yankees have a favorable schedule by facing the Padres for three games, the White Sox for six games, The Angels for four games, the Blue Jays ten times, the Giants three times, and the Astros three more times which could really help the playoff push. If the Yanks can go, and they really should especially if they are healthy, 18-8 in those 26 games against the "favorable" teams I think we have a very legit shot at the Wild Card.

The teams standing in our way are also scattered all over the remaining schedule for the Yankees. All in all we play the Boston Red Sox ten times, the first place Rays six times, The Orioles seven times, and the Detroit Tigers three more times before the 2013 season ends. In those 23 remaining games we would honestly be lucky to go 13-10 in those games. That will not be enough at all to cut into the AL East lead so it seems like Wild Card or bust.

If the Yankees can beat the teams that they are supposed to beat then there is no reason we cannot send this team to a Wild Card series. If the Yankees offense and pitching continues to be inconsistent or non existent than we may have trouble seeing October baseball this season.

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