Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees 9/24

This is it, this is the New York Yankees 2013 season right here. The Yankees trail the Tampa Bay Rays by four losses with six games left and here we are with three games head to head with Tampa. One loss and the season is basically over as we would be five back with five to go and would have to win every game while having Tampa/Cleveland/Baltimore/Texas/Kansas City lose all five games. It's not going to happen so this is it, sweep or go home. Let's do it!

The New York Yankees will host the Tampa Bay Rays in their final home stand of the season which will all but end the 2013 season for us. The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound looking for a heroes performance and a season saver right here. The Rays will send 15 game winner Matt Moore to the mound to try and end the Yankees season and put themselves one step closer to the wild card. The game will be televised at 7:05 pm ET on the MY9 and MLB TV.

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