Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Predictions For The 2013 World Series Winner - Can I Pettitte?

The Fall Classic, or World Series, begins Wednesday October 23rd although it should have been cancelled in my opinion. I have tried hard to avoid MLB this post-season because my beloved Yankees are not a part of it, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. Throughout the post-season I have watched EACH team I hoped would win fall short: Indians, Rays, Pirates, Dodgers, Tigers… so my prediction truly has nothing to do with my loyalty or personal feelings. 

While it is true that "the best offense is a good defense," Yankee fans (and other fans) are all aware that teams need to be able to drive in runs in order to win games. Both the Cardinals and the Red Sox have a strong pitching rotation (some may argue that the Cardinals pitching rotation is stronger) but the Red Sox seem to have the magic with them this year (David Ortiz, Shane Victorino). The Red Sox have proven that they have reliable pitchers as well as a strong lineup that comes through in clutch situations (one that resembles the 2009 Yankees Comeback Kids) and it is for this reason that in the end I unfortunately see Duck Dynasty… I mean the Red Sox… winning the 2013 World Series in 6 games, at Fenway Park. 

Also… shout out to Mariano Rivera for helping the Red Sox get home field advantage. 

And to those of you saying that this series will be a pitcher's duel... another shout out to the winningest pitcher in post-season history, ANDY PETTITTE. 

I will be a good sport and say that I wish the best of luck to both the Cardinals and the Red Sox. However, if it is possible for both teams to lose… I'm rooting for that. 


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