Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My prediction for the 2013 World Series - Clive Barker

When the World Series starts later, it will be the first time since 1999 that the team with the best American League record faces off against the team with the best National League record. Normally, when it comes to the World Series, I always have a gut feeling about who will win (with varying degrees of accuracy), but this time, I find myself torn. The Yankees should be there (I know they didn't play like it at times but we surely deserved it!) but in my mind, the Yankees should always be there. Therefore, I'm torn between two teams who aren't the Yankees. I really don't like the Red Sox and I don't care either way about the Cards.

On the one hand, Boston is on the brink of staging possibly one of the biggest turnarounds in history. Let’s face it; they were shocking in 2012 under Bobby Valentine! For them to regroup and come back the way they have and be pretty dominant for the entire year, it’s hard to bet against them.

On the other hand, we have the Cardinals who have made it to the World Series for the second time in three years (having lost the 2012 NLCS). They are the consistent team it seems at the moment but they seem to fly below the radar a bit. Most people tend to focus on what is happening in the American League (and normally the AL East primarily) and almost leave the National League alone a bit. There is no denying though that the Cards are the dominant NL team this year.

It may sound strange but the Red Sox seem to be playing for something more than the game since the terrible events at the Boston Marathon. They seem to be playing for the city and to prove that Boston really is strong. The camaraderie and team ethic they seem to have this year is going to be difficult to beat in my mind.

Whilst the Cards have been the consistent team over the last few years, I really don’t think the Red Sox will be stopped and therefore, I am tipping them to take the World Series in 6 games

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