Monday, November 11, 2013

Myers & Fernandez Win Rookie of the Year Awards

The Tampa Bay Rays Wil Myers and the Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez have won the Rookie of the Year awards in their respected leagues tonight. Personally I had Chris Archer winning it for the American League and Yasiel Puig winning it for the National League. As you can SEE HERE in my predictions post I did say that Fernandez deserved to win it so I get points for effort I guess. I know sometimes guys win these awards just because and not because they deserve it, see Puig for example, and I am glad to see that the right guys got the award this time around.

The Yankees did not have anyone in the running so it was kind of fun to just sit back and watch and not have to worry yourself to death about whether your hometown guy was going to win or not. Maybe next season though.

Tomorrow the Manager of the Year awards are given out so check back.

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