Monday, November 11, 2013

The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part Three: The Audi Club

PART THREE: The Audi Club

I don't want anyone to think I have an obsession with food, but the third installation of the Yankee Stadium Experience once again involves just PLENTY of it.

If you look above the second deck at the New Yankee Stadium you will notice a glassed-in area above the 3rd base line behind the FAIR pole.  Behind the glazed glass sits 3 rows of exclusive indoor seating and dedicated dining area known as "The Audi Club"
The Audi Club as seen from the Bleachers
The cost will keep most "regular" fans (you know people like me) out of this exclusive little area, especially if you are bringing family members or that special someone with you, but on occasion you can find tickets for the Audi Club on TiqIq (right off of The Greedy Pinstripes website I might add--shameless plug) or other various ticket re-sellers on the cheap (i.e. $65-$100 range).  These tickets used to cost $150 each, but that may have changed with the recent pricing adjustments.

If you ever get the chance to see a game from the Audi Club, do least once.  My family enjoyed a Yankees / Tigers game in 2009 from the "exclusive" seats compliments of some last minute online shopping and it was an awesome experience.  You get into the stadium early with a dedicated entrance (through the SAP Suite Level), there is a dedicated bar area at the front, and then a large dining area fit for a king, well at least a King that loves to eat high-end quality food in an unlimited fashion.  Yeah, this isn't buffet-style food, it's filet mignon, lobster, seared ahi tuna, sushi, and the like all prepared by chefs complete with the white chef hats.
View of the Stadium from the AUDI Club
Just a Sampling of the Tastiness that is All-You-Can-Eat Chef-Prepared Food
The view from the Audi Club is spectacular and you don't have to worry about good ol' Billy Bob spilling his bubbly Budweiser brew down your backside (bad experience at the Old Yankee Stadium with an Orioles fan in 1998...let's not talk about it...).  Three rows of true stadium seating gives each fan an unimpeded view of the action on the field through floor-to-ceiling glass, but if you have to get up from your seat to get a 5th helping of Jumbo Shrimp, you won't miss any of the action as High-Definition televisions are spread throughout the space.  It's also nice that you have access to basically private restroom facilities that don't smell entirely like beer, at least until the 7th inning.  If it is a cold and rainy day say in April, the Audi Club is perfect and very, very warm.

Three Rows of Unimpeded View Seating
Of course there are some detriments to viewing a Yankees game from inside the Audi Club.  The biggest being you don't necessarily feel like you are at a ballgame.  There's nobody yelling HOT DOGS or GIT YA BEYAH HEYAH! over and over....wait did I say detriment?  You can't hear or feel the vibes running through the Stadium, but like I said it's just one of those things worth trying once or twice if the budget allows.  If you end up finding yourself in one of these seats, get there early, fast for a few days beforehand, sit back and enjoy the sushi/filet/jumbo shrimp...and yes even gourmet hot that even possible???

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