Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Look At Brian Roberts BIP Numbers From 2013

I have sort of gotten into the habit of looking at BIP locations on players that we sign to see if their numbers will be helped by hitting in Yankee Stadium and Brian Roberts is no different. Today we look at Robert's BIP's and see that he may very well be helped by Yankee Stadiums dimensions. Keep in mind that this is done on a computer and things like elevation, wind, fan interference, etc. are not factored into these equations. That is why anything that goes to the warning track or a little before I consider as a ball that could either way in the stadium that The Boss built. On to the fancy picture:

I left out the home runs on this diagram because all the home runs that left Oriole Park in Camden Yards would have left Yankee Stadium by a long way. I instead focused on doubles, seen in light blue, and fly outs, seen in orange. As you can see, again factoring in some wind, luck, etc. Roberts could have seen as many as seven more home runs than his 2013 numbers ended up being. We all know that all of this is a moot point if Roberts cannot stay on the field but here it is in black and white, and blue and orange. 


  1. TANAKA....Just spent the past hour, trying to find information with substance. Try this one :

    The word / scuttlebutt, has it that That Tanaka's team, the Eagles, will post him.

    What they want to do is reach an agreement with Tanaka, to kick back some of the money, he
    will get, upon signing a MLB contract.
    That, and the 20 M posting fee, will satisfy the Eagles.
    When they reach that agreement..........Tanaka will be released.
    This should not drag out.......according to my top secret sources.
    Stay tuned.

  2. BRIAN ROBERTS.....coming to an infield near you, soon !
    Buck Showalter, on Brian

    “I had a good relationship with him,” Showalter said by phone. “We are going to miss him. He is competitive. And I really like him. You saw glimpses [last year] of what everyone used to see, and I believe it is still there. He takes very good care of himself. He has something left. I’d be surprised if he didn’t do well for the Yankees. And I mean that.”

    Buck, from your lips, to God's ears.

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    This fine site, needs a bit more of poster participation. Actually, more than a bit.
    Don't be hesitant, it's quite easy. If you stumble, someone will help you up. That is fact.

    If you are from Yankee Fans Unite...the former "Mega POWER Site " can pick yourself up.
    ( The only thing they were good at, was banning posters, who were smarter than themselves.
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    1. Patrick, my good Irish pal...
      The times, they are a changing...I get up to speed on the Internet and now everyone is on tweeter!
      Question; How the hell can a little bird carry so much stuff?
      I am not anywhere capable of doing the Tweety bird thing!

      The world has changed too damn much in the past 20 years...and even much worse in the last 5 years. nget xe ksit!

    2. It really has. I have been on twitter since 2009 and it has even changed so much since then its crazy. I can remember, and Bryan and myself got our start here, where sports forums were the craze.

    3. Some day, when I get the energy at 80, "they" say that is the new 40 (they can't possibly know anything at all) I will endeavor to learn that Tweety Bird thing!
      Don't "they" teach, how to count anymore? Last time I looked 40 was 40 and 80 was 80!


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