Thursday, December 19, 2013

MLB Sees Over $8 Billion In Revenues In 2013

It was a very good year for Major League Baseball and anyone's pockets who are affected by MLB as they saw over $8 billion in revenue in 2013. This will be the first time ever that the MLB has seen its revenues exceed $8 billion, so maybe historic is a better term than very good. No exact figures have been released just yet, if they ever are, but the estimated total is somewhere between $8 billion - $8.5 billion.

Just as an FYI the estimated total from the 2012 season was somewhere above the $7.5 billion mark. Attendance is flat and steady but the rising number of television channels and markets are really driving up the worth of all teams in the MLB.

There is already speculation that this steady climb could see MLB finishing the 2014 season in the $8.5 billion - $9 billion mark. The league will see revenues double for new broadcast deals with FOX, ESPN, and TBS that will add $788.3 million a year to the league.

Let this sink in, love or hate Bud Selig, the overall revenue for the MLB in 1995 after the strike was $1.4 billion. Selig may have caused the strike, Selig may be on a witch hunt for Alex Rodriguez, and Bud may be a douche bag but with no work stoppages since 1994 he has overseen MLB growing a staggering 264% in 18 years.

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