Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Are The Yankees Serious With This Roberts Signing?

I really hope the Yankees are planning to do more then having switch hitting Brian Roberts at second base. I got looking at his stats the last couple of seasons, and now granted this is a small sample size only because Roberts is oft-injured, and I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Here are the stats for the last two seasons:

370 plate appearances
.236 batting average
.296 OBP
.350 SLG%
74 wRC+
-0.3 WAR

If this is the best we can do we might as well give the job to Kelly Johnson and/or Dean Anna, no?


  1. Agreed... I feel like the team is about to limp into opening day. Brian Cashman never really addreses "needs", he's always playing defense with his signings and I don't get it with him. McCann, I feel like that was a great move and very needed, Ellsbury... okay, I kind of understand it but not really. Beltran, I get it... but letting other quality players get away due to differences of 1-2 years and some cash, I don't get. We have done absolutely nothing to address pitching "properly" and they seem to be wishing upon a star with Tanaka. I don't think we'd get him even if he was posted... just because of how things have already been going for us this off-season. Has he given any indication of where he wants to play?

    1. I am hoping we are wrong, I really do. I just dont buy it. Kevin Youkilis was signed with a history of injuries and got injured. Travis Hafner was signed with a history of injuries and got injured. If you don't learn from history...


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