Monday, January 6, 2014

Five Offseason Dates To Remember

Here are five upcoming dates to keep in mind while the offseason progresses.


The always controversial, lately anyway, Hall of Fame voting goes down and is announced this Wednesday. Voters are only allowed to vote for 10 players each and after last years shutout there are far more than 10 eligible players in my opinion. There also is the possibility, with around 35 players on the ballot, that some players may not get enough votes to warrant staying on the ballot.


Frederic Horowitz has to announce his decision regarding Alex Rodriguez's career, legacy, and Biogenesis suspension by this date. This date will make the Yankees offseason plans much more clearer.


Arbitration figures are exchanged on this date as the whole arbitration process begins. The key Yankees players that are arbitration eligible this year are Brett Gardner and David Robertson for the last time, Ivan Nova, Francisco Cervelli, and Shawn Kelley.


The Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes officially ends on this date, if not before. Tanaka gets a 30 day negotiating window after being posted and that 30 days ends today. Tanaka has to agree to a deal, pass a physical, and be on the 40 man roster with an official signing by this date.


Pitchers and catchers report. Sorry love of my life but you will be thoroughly ignored on this day, just letting you know in advance. The offseason officially "ends" on this day as well, which is always nice.

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