Monday, January 6, 2014

Yankees Had Interest In Free Agent Chris Dickerson

"Still no, Chris."
Chris Dickerson, former Yankees outfielder, signed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates today and the Yankees were reportedly interested in a reunion with a similar deal. As you remember Andruw Jones held, speculation here, naked pictures of Joe Girardi's wife and that kept him in the lineup over an obviously better Dickerson. The outlook would not look much better for C Dick this time around either with about 27 outfielders ahead of him on the depth chart, so I am glad that he signed with a team that he may get some big league time with, but the nostalgia would have been nice for a big Dickerson fan.

Pittsburgh offers a right field spot and the Yankees offer a 5th outfielder spot only if they can unload the likes of Ichiro Suzuki and/or Vernon Wells so it makes sense for Dickerson. Good luck to him and maybe next time, again.

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