Friday, February 7, 2014

A Rod Drops Appeal, Will Not Attend Spring Training

Alex Rodriguez has announced that he will drop his appeal and lawsuits from his 162 game suspension and will accept his season long suspension and move on. A Rod has dropped both lawsuits against Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, accepting his faith and the decision of arbitrator Frederic Horowitz. A Rod has also announced that he will not be attending Spring Training camp this season, which is not bad news that's for sure.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association each released their politically correct responses to the news today and they can be seen below:

MLB: “We have been informed that Alex Rodriguez has reached the prudent decision to end all of the litigation related to the Biogenesis matter. We believe that Mr. Rodriguez’s actions show his desire to return the focus to the play of our great game on the field and to all of the positive attributes and actions of his fellow Major League Players. We share that desire.”
MLBPA:  “Alex Rodriguez has done the right thing by withdrawing his lawsuit. His decision to move forward is in everyone’s best interest.”


  1. Good to see ARod do this. I still want the Yankees to release him and move on, but I'm glad it was Alex than ended things rather than lose in court.

  2. Yes it's very good. I dont buy the whole "distraction" thing but I think its good for himself. He needs a break, we need a break, everyone needs a break.


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