Friday, February 7, 2014

Tanaka Could Be Highest #3 Starter Of All Time

Brian Cashman, whether he truly believes it or is trying to lower expectations for Masahiro Tanaka, said in an interview today that he saw Tanaka as a third starter for the team. Whether this was because of our current crop, slotting Tanaka behind Hiroki Kuroda and CC Sabathia, or if this is where he projects inside the Yankees brass remains to be seen but would this not make Masahiro the highest paid #3 starter in the history of #3 starters? It would have to, not that it honestly matters at this point.

Cashman was interviewed by Colin Cowherd of ESPN when the quote came down:

We view him to be a really, solid consistent No. 3 starter. If we do get more than that, all the better. He’s got a great deal of ability. There is definitely some unknown because of the transition. We scouted him extensively. Certainly, we look forward to adding him into the mix with the rest of our rotation. That’s what we look at him as: A solid, potential No. 3 starter in the big leagues.

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