Friday, February 7, 2014

Stephen Drew Would Accept Two Year Deal

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN, SEEN HERE, Stephen Drew would be willing to accept a multi year deal as long as it contained an opt out clause after the first season. This means that the Yankees could offer Drew a minimum of a two year deal as long as he could walk away after the 2014 season if he so chose. Would the Yankees be willing to pay Drew big money for 2014 with the possibility of losing him in 2015? Would the Yankees hope for this to turn out to be a one year deal? Honestly, I think so.

The Yankees won't be without competition though as the Mets are willing to go two years as well, possibly three, and offer Drew more playing time at his natural position at shortstop. The Yankees would want him to switch either to second base or third base, more than likely the hot corner, with the possibility of being the everyday shortstop next season if and when Derek Jeter retires. Although using that logic Drew would have all the leverage next season as well if Jeter called it a career and Drew opted out. It's a definite catch 22 situation we would have on our hands but it is definitely a good problem to have in my opinion.

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