Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marc Hulet Releases His Top 10 Yankee Prospects List

Marc Hulet is well known if you go on Fangraphs.com and he released his Top 10 list of New York Yankees prospects today just in time for Prospects Month. HERE is Hulet's list and write up and such but you can see the meat and potatoes below:

1) Gary Sanchez
2) J.R. Murphy
3) Eric Jagielo
4) Mason Williams
5) Slade Heathcott
6) Aaron Judge
7) Ian Clarkin
8) Greg Bird
9) Jose Ramirez
10) Tyler Austin

Definitely not the way I see my list going down, which is being slowly released every day here on the blog so check that out every day, but he is entitled to his opinion. That is way higher than Jagielo needs to be in my opinion and way higher than JR Murphy probably should be. It continues to perplex me how Aaron Judge can be ranked so high and has never taken a professional at bat, Clarkin I get because of the potential and the raw talent, but Judge is making me scratch my head. Also I am a lot higher on Rafael De Paula than most so it irks me when he is not listed on these lists. Oh well I guess that's why I did my own right?

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