Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jeff Baker Comes Off The Yankees Board

Last week I had the ultimate facepalm when I was killing the Yankees for letting Jeff Baker sign for a minor league deal elsewhere besides the Yankees only to be reminded by my good friend Patrick Walsh that it was Scott Baker, not Jeff, whoops. Well Patrick, and all Yankees fans, Jeff Baker has come off the board for the Yankees, for real this time. Baker signed with the Miami Marlins on a two year deal worth $3.7 million.

Baker would have been nice but I would have honestly been a little upset if we gave Baker that deal. In my opinion I do not think he is worth that much money or the years, lefty masher or not. The Yankees were not sold on his defense at third base and neither was I and I am definitely not fond of a glorified platoon player for nearly $4 million. Would have been nice but I am glad we ultimately passed on Baker.

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