Tuesday, February 4, 2014


When Daniel and I had out initial conversations about me joining the staff I had mentioned to him that I really wanted to be able to express my love for the game through sabermetrics. Sabermetrics is the advanced statistical analysis of baseball which has created a pretty heavy divide among people who like or are involved with the game.The divide boils down to two schools of thought, new school (sabermetrics) and old school, people who are still the driving force behind the old school thought process can not be bothered by these advanced statistics and believe more in "chemistry" than empirical analysis. 

As part of my first mission here on TGP I am going to start a mini-series entitled "Saber-Series." My mission here is to spread awareness about the new school and help others who are interested but may be confused on all sabermetrics has to offer. The new school is often met with heavy and burdening resistance even by professionals, coaches, players and executives. I understand this because I often feel the same way towards them. I am not here to say the way you think is wrong, I am here to tell you that there certainly may be a better way of approaching the game. It would be easy to say for example "I will make this a three part series," but it is not that simple. I am not going to limit myself on the amount of knowledge that  could spread and so with that, I consider Saber-Series to be an open ended project that can be continually refreshed and added on to. After my first few posts I am hoping to have enough questions so that I can do a cumulative Q&A Saber post so that the readership can may be find some of their own answers within that. I look forward to the journey ahead and hope that you can appreciate the art form that is, Americas favorite pastime. 

First Saber-Series post: 2/5/2014 Saber-Series: The History 


  1. Thomas C. : Sign me up for that Saber-metrics class. I've wanted to get a handle on that theory
    for some time now. Looking forward to your dissertations.
    I will ask questions.
    Try getting Ken Reed on board. He needs more help than most.
    But, don't seat us next to each other. You will learn why.

  2. Patrick,
    I am glad you are so willing to participate, "Saber-Series: The History" debuts at 8 AM tomorrow morning (Feb 5th).

  3. This really excites me. I have touched on sabermetrics before when I ran a "understanding sabermetrics" series of posts. The problem I ran into was I was/am spread so thin I did not have the time to give it the time it deserved. Mr. Culkin has that devotion and will make this his main focus and that excites the hell out of me. Check back often!


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