Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prospects Month: Top 28 Yankees Prospects List #7

Continuing our look at The Greedy Pinstripes Top 28 prospects list as a part of Prospects Month we name our #7 prospect, Ian Clarkin!

Here is the complete up to date list. Check back every day as the list fills out and we continue our look at the prospects in the New York Yankees system during Prospects Month here on TGP.

7. Ian Clarkin
8. Eric Jagielo
9. Greg Bird
10. Manny Banuelos
11. Jose Campos
12. Gosuke Katoh
13. Shane Greene
14. Jose Ramirez
15. Peter O'Brien
16. Aaron Judge
17. Ty Hensley
18. Luis Severino
19. Abiatal Avelino
20. Rob Refsnyder
21. Nik Turley
22. Cito Culver
23. Ramon Flores
24. Mark Montgomery
25. Rookie Davis
26. Jake Cave
27. Ben Gamel
28. Angelo Gumbs


  1. Give or take a few names and rankings, I pretty much agree with your list so far. And I know you're basing your rankings on future projections. I just have a hard time placing somebody with so little experience so high on this list. I'm a "prospect humper" as well, but I also factor in their proximity to the Bronx. While a player like Clarkin may have a higher upside, players like Turley and Ramirez are a whole lot closer to helping the Yanks.

    1. While I agree if you noticed I have Clarkin higher than just about everybody else's lists. He is good, raw, but good. He deserves to be top 10 because of his projections, his upside, and the fact that he is left handed.

      And don't worry you agree with my list so far but a bombshell is coming...

  2. Well you have six spots left. Conventional wisdom says Sanchez, Williams, Austin, Heathcott, Murphy, and I know you're high on DePaula. So the bombshell is going to be leaving one or more off this list. I can see leaving Murphy off as he has already had his MLB debut. I can also see leaving off Heathcott due to injury concerns. That makes room for Anna, whom I think everybody should be excited about. Are you going to drop an Isias Tejada or Austin Aune in your top six?

    1. You know I probably should have included Anna somewhere, but I didn't, Oh well.

      You are correct though, one of those will be left off the list.

      Keep checking back..


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