Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees 2/25

On this day in 1994 the Veterans Committee elected Phil Rizzuto to the Hall of Fame along with Leo Durocher. The former infielder and then current television broadcaster, which caused much debate given his borderline stats, because important to his supporters when Pee Wee Reese, a similar player, was inducted in 1984 as a Brooklyn Dodger.


  1. The Scooter's favorite line was "holy cow!". On Phil Rizzuto day the Yankee organization presented him a real cow......he proceeded to trip over it and fall down.

    As Mel Allen said "You can look it up".

  2. I'm not saying Ken Reed is old , but his social security # has only one digit.

  3. Jeter has been in the limelight in NY for 20 years, and has shown us nothing but class.

    He is liked by teammates, coaches and even rival opponents.

    Think about it , with all the media tracking his every move he has not been involved in one scandal.....not one.

    Let's look at the other kings of NY and see how they fared:

    Joe Namath. - bachelors three pub association with mafia and gambling
    Reggie Jackson - constant bickering with teammates, manager and owner.
    Arod- too many to mention
    Daryl strawberry, Doc Gooden, Keith Hernandez.... Cocaine and alcohol
    Clemens- HGH
    Isaiah Thomas, Stephen Marbury- sexual harassment

    Jeter - nothing but pure professionalism.

  4. Just starting to have some loyalty toward and starting to like players like Ibanez, Chavez, Granderson...etc. and poof they are gone....

    Joba, Hughes, Cano.........ouch.

    Enjoyed the days when you could grow and root for the same players on a team.

    If we are not rooting for the players , but just whoever wears the uniform.....are we rooting for laundry?

  5. Gonna miss Cano going to his right, over second base, and throwing across his body to nip the runner at first base. NOBODY has ever done it better.

  6. Ken hasn't been posting ......nausea.....he accidently reached to his night table and drank a liter of polident.

  7. Who was Scooter's broadcast partners?

    Bill White

    Frank Messer

  8. Daniel -

    Billy Martin got fired for punching

    A - A tv repairman
    B- A vacuum cleaner salesman
    C - A marshmellow salesman

  9. Ken-

    Billy Martin was traded because of a fight at

    A - Mickey Mantles pub
    B - Jay Zee's crib
    C - the Copacabana lounge

  10. Replies
    1. I thought I gave it away when I capitalized only the "C" in the word pick.. Pretty sure it was the Copacabana Lounge.

    2. No, that is not the whole truth!
      Well for this answer it is, I guess.
      He was traded because the team thought he was a bad influence on Mickey, but actually it was Billy, Bauer and Whitey that were the guys...Billy was the one to go because Whitey was the star pitcher and Bauer was a very good hitter.
      I know, in the book it says Billy was traded because of the fight, but that is the way it was back then. The beat writers never wrote anything bad about players...they had to ride the trains with the players and you can guess...that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.
      And that folks is the truth of the matter, I read it in the Chicago Times back in 1955/56?


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