Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bovada Says Ellsbury A 2014 MVP Candidate

Bovada is a site that does a great job computing the statistical chances teams have of winning the World Series and such major awards like the American League Most Valuable Player Award. Bovada was at it again recently ranking the players who had the best chance to win the AL MVP Award and a Yankee made the list in Jacoby Ellsbury. You can click the link HERE to see who Bovada has winning the AL and NL  MVP and Cy Young Awards for 2014 but I will showcase the running for the MVP award for you here.

2014 AL MVP - Odds to Win   
Mike Trout                     5/1
Miguel Cabrera              6/1
Jacoby Ellsbury            12/1
Albert Pujols                 12/1
Josh Donaldson            14/1
Robinson Cano             14/1
Evan Longoria               14/1
Adrian Beltre                 16/1
Chris Davis                   16/1
Dustin Pedroia              16/1

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