Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drew/Morales Willing To Wait Until June To Sign

In a report from super agent Scott Boras that could really help the New York Yankees news broke today that free agents Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales could wait until June to sign free agent deals to play in 2014. The reason for this being is both players were offered qualifying offers and are linked to draft pick compensation, meaning the team that signs them have to give up their first non-protected draft pick in the MLB First Year Player's Draft to acquire their services. If Drew and Morales were to wait until June to sign they would no longer be linked to the draft pick and would essentially become true free agents.

If the Yankees were struggling come June of this season or the infield does not hold up the way many expect it not to the Yankees could go hot and heavy after Drew. Also if Mark Teixeira's surgically repaired wrist does not hold up the way some people worry than Morales could be a viable option for the Yankees. This is great news for the Yankees as this talent is usually never available in June or July without a top prospect or two attached and going back to the other team in return.

Ervin Santana had trouble finding a new deal after being linked to a qualifying offer as did Nelson Cruz and both caved into one year deals at or below the $14.1 million qualifying offer but Drew and Morales do not seem willing or likely to do that. A lot can change between June and now but this just goes to show you that the qualifying offer system is broken and it needs fixed sooner rather than later.

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