Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yankees 13th In ESPN's Organizational Power Rankings

ESPN ranks all 30 Major League Baseball teams using the entire organization as a whole and how healthy the organization is in their decision and the New York Yankees came in 13th place. Some of the criteria used to come up with these rankings is strength of the major league roster, the strength of the farm system, the finances of the club, management, and roster flexibility to name a few. The Yankees were lucky number 13 while the Boston Red Sox topped the list with a score of 89.1 out of 100. The second place team was obviously the St. Louis Cardinals with a 82.3 and were the only other team above 76 out of 100. The Miami Marlins were last with a score of 20.4, imagine if they trade Giancarlo Stanton this summer how much farther that will drop.

The Yankees scored a 51.6 this season with their 13th place finish. This is down from 53.8 last season and an 11th place finish, which was down from 65.9 and a 5th place finish in 2012. The highest the Yankees got was 2nd place with a 79.6 out of 100 after 2011. The lack of a farm system is continuing to hurt New York in these rankings, not that they matter much in the grand scheme of thing.

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