Saturday, March 15, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Likely The Yankees Fourth Starter

The New York Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild gave us a new hint where the Masahiro Tanaka parade will make it's first stop and it's not in the first series against the Houston Astros. The Yankees want to give Tanaka an "extra days rest relatively early" and are expecting him to be their fourth or even their fifth starter, which we all know he won't be the fifth starter and that is just posturing but whatever. The Yankees reasoning for wanting to pitch him fourth means for Tanaka that his second start would come on normal rest and his third day would come on an extra day's rest again due to the New York playing in 13 straight games to open the season.

You have to wonder if pitching Hiroki Kuroda second had anything to do with splitting up the two similar pitchers and pitching styles, they will not come out and say that though.  Ivan Nova looks penciled in to be your third starter right now and Tanaka looks to be the highest paid fourth starter in the history of fourth starters, bummer.

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