Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick Hit: Does Pineda's Start Today Matter

We all heard yesterday that manager Joe Girardi stated the fifth starter competition winner could be announced as early as Tuesday, does it matter what Michael Pineda does tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays? If Pineda got bombed would it force the hand of the Yankees to put David Phelps in the rotation at the expense of the bullpen? Would Adam Warren and Vidal Nuno get back into the discussion? Would Pineda be sent down to AAA to "figure it out?"

No, no, and no. Unless Pineda gets hurt the fifth starter job is his, bottom line. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


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  2. I wonder if they are going to put Nuno, Warren in the BP along with Phelps!
    All three are starters and could step in with no problem, if someone was shut down or passed over for a start. None of them has anything to prove at AAA.
    The thing I would worry about is three starters is a bit of an over kill for the BP. Although we know Phelps is good in the BP and Nuno is a lefty that gets both right and left handed hitters out, would they keep those two and send Warren back to AAA?

    1. The thing is Nuno and warren have proven they could pitch later in the game, especially warren. So it's not like we would have three long men, phelps would be the long man.

      Warren would be like a 6th or 7th inning guy while Nuno could be situational

    2. Understood Daniel...
      All three have and can pitch long or short innings and, all three would be a good addition to the BP. You are right!
      My concern was next year, all three would need to pitch in winter ball to get stretched out a little bit.
      One of them (more than likely) will take over for Kuroda and we have three pitchers this year that are going to be on pitch we do it next year also?


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