Monday, March 3, 2014

Yankees Rank Low On 25-and-Under List

Baseball Prospectus released their 25-and-Under Talent Rankings, which you can check out for free. Then again, as a Yankees fan, you might not want to.

The Yankees were ranked 28th on the list, which honestly isn't all that surprising. The only player 25 or under who, will for sure make the big league roster for sure, is Masahiro Tanaka. Other than Tanaka, Michael Pineda may make the team as well. After that you have 8 players who have yet to make an impact in Major League Baseball.

Personally I couldn't care less about how old the Yankees are. Sure, having good/young players is great, as it helps the future of the team, but I'm more concerned with whether or not they can win. And I think this Yankees team, although they certainly have room for improvement, can win.

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