Friday, April 25, 2014

I've Got Til 5! - Anti-Red Sox Pictures

Being a wrestling fan I'm no stranger to fans holding signs, voicing their pleasure or dis-pleasure with a wrestler or organization. And while some of them are downright stupid, every once in a while you come across one that is incredibly clever and/or funny. The same goes for the anti-Red Sox pictures you see floating around Yankee Stadium or here on the internet.

By now I'm sure everybody has seen pictures like Calvin peeing on a Red Sox logo (and vice-versa), or pictures of people with captions written over the top of them, so I decided to look around and find my favorites. And here are the five I came up with...


I give major props to Chicago Cubs fans. Their team hasn't won a World Series title in over 100 years, and haven't even been to a World Series for over 60 years. Furthermore, not only is that the longest drought in all of the four major American professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL), but MLB is the only league that was even around the last time the Cubs won it all. 

Not only are Cubs fans still loud and proud, but they embrace the nickname "The Lovable Losers", like Yankees fans have embraced the nickname "The Evil Empire". But I don't recall a whole heck of a lot of Boston Red Sox fans before 2004. That's probably because they weren't Sox fans, or they were quietly ashamed of being Sox fans.

So while Cubs fans are as true as they come, a large portion of Red Sox fans seem to be of the "bandwagon" sort. Which is why I like this picture.

And yes... I'm ignoring the many bandwagon fans that root for the Yankees. 


One of my favorite websites on the internet is The Chive. Every day they post funny and thought provoking pictures and videos, as well as pictures and videos of beautiful women. But the best part of The Chive has to do with the Chivers (the name given to fans of the site), as they come together time and time again to raise money for great causes

For example, last week they set out to raise $37,000 for Billy Wynne, a helicopter pilot who was the lone survivor of a horrific helicopter crash in Oklahoma City. Well, not only did they reach that goal, but they tripled that goal in just 7 hours. And trust me... that is not the first time Chivers have come through like that.

So that picture may not be the funniest or most clever one I've ever seen, but the ties to The Chive's motto of "Keep Calm and Chive On" make it one of my favorites.

And for the ladies, there is an off-shoot site called The Berry.


While I know that there are plenty of Yankees fans whose IQs are pretty darn low, how can you not laugh at this picture? There are two main reasons I love this pic...
  1. I can understand making a spelling error on Twitter, or any place else where you're not really proofreading things. But if you're going to put in the effort to make a sign like this, or do something else like get a tattoo, shouldn't you make sure your spelling is correct?
  2. Jacoby did the same thing that Robinson Cano and many, many, others have done across professional sports... take more money to play elsewhere. I don't blame Cano for going to Seattle, where the Mariners offered a ton of money, just like Sox fans shouldn't blame Ellsbury for taking a ton more money from the Yankees. It may stink for both sides, but that's the way things are. And you can't tell me you wouldn't change jobs if somebody came along and offered you a butt-load more money to work for them.
So, when Seattle visits New York for the first time next week, I won't be booing Robbie. Instead, I'll look at the Yankees lineup and see the name "Brian Roberts" (or whoever else), and cry a little bit inside.


That image comes from, who ran a poll asking fans if they'd root against their own team if it meant hurting their rival team's chances. The only area where the majority of voters said "yes" came from New England... home of most Red Sox fans. 

Now, this picture isn't a direct shot at the Red Sox like the others on this list, but it shows you a very good reason why I'm anti-Red Sox. You see, I'm Yankees first, which basically means I don't care what other teams do. I don't care that the Yankees farm system is ranked low among all MLB teams. If the system is good enough to help the Yankees win, then that's all that matters to me.* I didn't care when the Red Sox signed Daisuke Matsuzaka, as doing so was not the best for the Yankees at the time. Actually, the only thing wrong about that whole ordeal is the Yankees signing Kei Igawa in response to the Matsuzaka signing. 

*it's not.

In summary, as long as the Yankees do what's best for them, then I don't care what other team's do. And that image above tells me that Red Sox fans care more about the Yankees than they do their own team. I mean, I can see rooting against another team in order to hurt your rival, but to root against your own team... under any circumstances... is ridiculous.


That is a real image, and the man that signed that autograph for this young Red Sox fan is Shelley Duncan. While Duncan wasn't very good for the Yankees (.219/.290/.411), or any other team he played with for that matter (.231/.309/.430 for Cleveland, and .182/.297/.309 for Tampa Bay), that autograph is awesome. 

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking "that is a terrible thing to do to a young fan", and maybe you're right. After all, I think some people take the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry a bit too far. But if you're going to go up and ask for the autograph of a player from the Yankees, while wearing a jersey and hat for the Red Sox, then you can't be very surprised when you get something like this. 

I have a hunch that if you went up to Sarah Palin, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, then there's a good chance that you wouldn't get acknowledged, let alone get a handshake or autograph from the former governor of Alaska. And if you went up to a Sarah Palin fan, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, then you'll either get dumb comment or an offer to fight.

I have yet to get any ideas for future lists sent in, which is disturbing. And what's even more disturbing is that nobody has put their own additions to my lists in the comments. What's up with that?


  1. Well Bryan, I have only a small correction.
    Most of them would answer, more like:
    And if you went up to a Sarah Palin fan, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, you would get educated in the truth and, not the cut and paste line the media would have you believe is true.

    1. I knew I shouldn't have brought politics into things.

    2. Bryan...
      Just pulling your chain, a bit!
      Politics and Religion are No, No's but, then again, now days, most things are No, No's. lol

  2. I like your Article, it has a lot of truth in it...the pictures were great.
    The Cub fans are fanatics, they love their Cubs, no matter what! Great fans, I wish there were more Yankee fans like that.

    1. Thanks.

      Even though I'm not a Cubs fan, and will bust on those that are (my girlfriend actually is one), I do have a ton of respect for them.


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