Friday, April 25, 2014

MLB Changes Transfer Rule Back

I ran a fantasy baseball league for many years, and one thing I absolutely would not do is change a rule during the season. However, Major League Baseball doesn't feel the same way, as they have gone ahead and changed one of their rules.

The rule that was changed had to do with players dropping a ball after it was caught. This is mainly seen during double play attempts, as the fielder at 2nd base receiving the throw would transfer the ball from the glove to their throwing hand. In the past, if they dropped the ball the runner was still out as the fielder had clearly caught the ball first. But before this season the rule was changed so that the runner in that case would be safe. It didn't go over well, and for good reason.

Derek Jeter and the Yankees were only one of many victims of this rule change, which doesn't make any sense to me. I suppose it's like a receiver in football having to keep control of a catch after they hit the ground in order for the catch to count. I mean, the receiver has already caught the pass, just like the fielder in baseball has already caught the ball. So it should be a reception/out.

Well, MLB felt differently than I do and changed it. Key word there is "felt". Recently it was announced that the rule is going back to the way it was and should be. As long as the fielder has caught the ball, the runner will be called out, regardless if the fielder drops the ball or not when transferring it to their throwing hand.

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