Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick Hit: Don't Pitch To Albert Pujols

Do not, I repeat, do not pitch to Albert Pujols. Just don't do it if you want to win these three very winnable games against the Angels at home this weekend. Josh Hamilton is out of the lineup and Pujols has no protection hitting behind him once again, sound familiar St. Louis Cardinals fans? If I am the Yankees I think I would rather attack Howie Kendrick, Yankee killer and all, than a red hot Pujols right now.

The Angels are coming off a great series against the Washington Nationals and Pujols is hot after joining the 500 home run club. You don't need a binder to see this, don't pitch to Pujols this weekend and try to keep Mike Trout off the basepaths. Oh and score more runs then the Angels do, then the Yankees sweep.

Sounds easy enough, now just do it. Happy Friday everybody, have a great day.

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