Thursday, April 24, 2014

Michael Pineda Gets 10 Game Suspension For Pine Tar Gate II

Major League Baseball has announced that Michael Pineda will receive a 10 game suspension for putting pine tar on his neck. This was just two starts removed from having a half a can on his right pitching hand against the Red Sox. 

Pineda is either dumb or a special kind of stupid. 


  1. NO ACCOUNTABILITY....w/ Michael Pineda. What do you think ?
    The spin now put out is..." The young man, made an error in judgement."
    The young man, is not 15, 17, nor 21 years of age. He is 25.

  2. ROCKET REED...are you on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ?

    1. No Patrick, I was about family business in the great Mid-West.

  3. It's true, his mistake was getting caught. Tons of pitchers do it, they just hide it. Not hiding it is a slap in the face

  4. I'm in an optimistic mood and will try to put a positive spin on this. This is just a creative way to limit his innings this year!

  5. You know that thought crossed my mind but I didnt think I should say it as I would be considered sarcastic lol


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