Thursday, April 24, 2014

David Ortiz & His Excessively Long Home Run Trots That I Want To Prove A Point About By Having An Excessively Long Post Title To This Article

I actually never knew this website existed until the great writers at showed us the light but over at they keep track of the quickest and slowest home run trots around baseball. Guess who had the third slowest home run trot in all of baseball this season Tuesday night when he hit a meaningless home run off of Masahiro Tanaka and gloated like he had hit a game tying grand slam in the bottom of the ninth? Well I didn't put a picture of David Ortiz photoshopped into Shrek for no reason now did I?

It is also worth mentioning that the top two slowest home run trots this season are also held by none other than Mr. Ortiz. If baseball is worried about speeding the game up then they need to give this guy the steroid suspension that he deserved a long time ago and get this guy out of the game for a little while. Or you could just make him speed up, that works too I guess.

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