Friday, April 11, 2014

MLB Moves To Address Diversity Problems

Major League Baseball is very aware of the declining number of black and African American players in this great game and are now taking steps to increase diversity across the board in this game. MLB has started a group called the On-Field Diversity Task Force that will focus on existing urban leagues and academies, such as the RBI program, aggressively marketing players, and improving coaches. Former Chicago White Sox and New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel will be the day-to-day leader in the new program and will report directly to Detroit Tigers general manager and task force chairman Dave Dombrowski.

The task force was unveiled about a year ago and showed what we already knew, black and African American athletes were picking sports other than baseball. MLB opened the 2014 season with 8.3 % black players in the league. In case you were wondering the highest percentage ever was way back in 1984 when MLB had 19% black players in the league, an alarming decline.

MLB did point to a few positive points in their findings though pointing out that 13 black or African American players were drafted in the first rounds of the 2012 and 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft. Seven of the 13 were chosen in 2012 which was the highest percentage of black players drafted, 22.6%, since the 1992 draft.

Here is the quote from Commissioner Bud Selig about the task force:

“The recommendations made by the On-Field Diversity Task Force result from extensive research, meetings and conversations with people of various disciplines and unique perspectives,” Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement. “I commend Dave Dombrowski and all members of the Task Force for their thoughtfulness regarding this complex situation, which will require strategic steps in order to reach a long-term solution.  I believe that these recommendations mark the start of addressing our challenges and making the sport of Jackie Robinson more accessible to young players of all races.”


  1. I don't know why this matters. There's still plenty of diversity in the league

  2. Just not much diversity in the black and African American community. Latin America, sure. White, sure.

  3. Every few years the make-up of the league changes;
    Back in the 1880's/1920's the make-up of most teams was Irish...
    Side Note: Company's would put help wanted signs in their store windows..."Help Wanted, Irish need not apply"
    1920s/1940s, it was the Italians, there was a large percentage of them coming to this country with No Money, no Jobs.
    After that it was a mix-mash until the color line was broken.
    Then it was the south of the non-existing boarders and Black players.
    Then, low and behold, Athletes discovered Basketball/Football players didn't have to waite 4 or five years to make big money so, therefore, we have a shortage of black players!
    That is my take on the whole thing, along with a bit of real history!

  4. Kent brought up a good point. Becoming a MLB player might be harder than becoming a professional player in any other sport. That's probably why I love the game more than any other sport. You can't "teach" anybody talent, all you can do is develop it. It easily takes an average of 4-5 years to develop a high school player, and more fail than succeed. I want to see the best possible players when I watch a game. I don't care whether they're black, white, hispanic, asian, or any other race.

    1. vary fair point Jeff. Makes sense there is really no "minor leagues" in the NBA, NFL, etc. I mean there is college but there is college baseball as well... You don't come out of high school and get the money that a Lebron James got.

  5. Jeff...
    You de Man!
    That last line was right on as was your other points but, that last one...priceless!

  6. KENT SEVEN....good evening. Sometimes a word, or a phrase makes me shutter.
    That is true this time with...." you da man ! " Makes me shutter.
    After going down dozens of darkened blogging roads over the years, only
    one delusional-psycho has used that phrase often...a ' batting cage skunk '...named Ballpark.

    You posting that phrase brought back some trail dust memories. Just thought I would share that
    with you. You seem like a nice guy.
    I speak for myself, but welcome to Greedy Pinstripes.

    1. I concur, welcome to the site Kent

    2. Daniel....... You are being trolled. Kent Seven is really OldRanger Ken Reed Yankee 07. He has snuck back in and fooled you all.

    3. Nothing happens on my site that I don't know about.

    4. That's what we need ! Another regular to step in, and flush our ranks.
      This morning Twasp has come back on board. With his humor, objectivity, and deception.

      There is no reason 8-10 regulars can not put up at least one post a day. Not one.
      One person. Daniel, can not do it all by himself.
      Lets double our efforts.

  7. DIVERSITY...this word, as used in today's posting, is a sham. A PC sham.
    Diversity is not the goal, ' Affirmative Action ' the objective.

    Affirmative Action, has given us what is in the White House. He would have lost to Clinton, if
    he was the average white guy. Not smarter, better, or competent.....just darker. We are off track.

    Fifty years of hiring second level people, over those more deserving, has damaged our country. More
    than you realize. Look at our schools, nursing...etc.
    There is no diversity, 50-50, in the NBA, NFL. Never will be. Wonder why ?
    So when MLB preaches.."we need diversity". They are wanting the implication of Affirmative Action.

    I live in New York. My city has been wrecked by this stuff.
    Those who have taken many good jobs, where at the bottom of the educational list.
    Substandard, at best. And now placed in leadership roles.

    What happened to...the best man, or women for the job ?
    Diversity...a sham. The plague of our time.

  8. I just find it stupid that the league won't acknowledge that sometimes people just like other stuff better, regardless of race

  9. patrick, is out of gas.
    Turning out the ships lights. But...................
    A site as good as this, with those in our ramparts..Jeff, Jack, and Kent ...can not do it alone.

    Step up, guys !.. Lets keep the conversations rolling. Even an extra post at night...would be a jump start.
    I'm done. The week has finished me. Stay well.

  10. I think the people running MLB should keep their PC mouths shut. They are killing the game.
    They lowered the mound!
    They juiced up the ball!
    They let the Umpires have their own strike zone!
    They won't let a pitcher pitch inside!
    They will allow the hitters to ware all sorts of armor.
    They let the hitters dive over the plate, they get hit, they get on base for breaking the rules. The rules say one must make an effort to get out of the way...tell me, am I wrong here but...; diving into a pitch, is not getting out of the way, one can't dive and get out of the way at the same time.
    I have been color blind in regards to people my whole life, what I see as I watch a game is (as Jeff so succinctly put it) some of the best baseball players in the world.
    I realize it may be a shock to many sports fans but, not every athlete playing Fooball/Baseketball can even make it out of AA baseball. There have been a few...very few, but most can't do it!


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