Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sabathia, offense overpower Rays in 10-2 win

CC Sabathia gave up just 1 earned run in 7 innings and the defense turned a 5-4-3 triple play in the bottom of the second tonight as the Yankees stunned David Price and the Rays in St. Petersburg, 10-2. In those 7 frames, Sabathia wasn't necessarily dominant, as he surrendered 7 hits while getting a lot of balls hit hard off him, but since those line drives rarely turned into runs I guess it's tough to complain about this outing. 

Anyway, the Yanks offense attacked early and often in this one, scoring 4 times in the first two innings thanks to 2 RBI Triples from Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian Roberts and 2 RBI Singles from Brian McCann and Derek Jeter. Later on, McCann, Ellsbury, and Roberts, along with Alfonso Soriano, struck again, collecting a Solo Home Run, a Sac Fly, a run-scoring single, and another Solo shot respectively to make this contest a blowout. 

Besides those guys, Yangervis Solarte and Scott Sizemore also contributed to this W, going 3-for-5 with a 2-run Shot (the first of his career) and 1-for-3 with a double. After that double, Sizemore scored easily on the triple by Roberts, giving the Pinstripes an early 2-0 lead.


  1. And that my friend Patrick, is why I'm glad they didn't sign Balfour. Clearly, it was not his fault Tampa lost, but him giving up a long ball would have occurred nightly in the Bronx. Can we PLEASE get over the Yanks not signing him???

  2. I tried to put that into Patrick's head all offseason long that his numbers were severely helped by a huge park in Oakland and that he was fly ball and home run prone.. It didn't work.

    Keep fighting that good fight fellas

  3. GRANT BALFOUR...allows a wind driven home run to Solarte in the ninth.....and poor old patrick
    gets double teamed. This is shameless !

    1. No one is double teaming you buddy, just disagreeing.

  4. Don't feel bad. Everybody has a player they want in pinstripes that nobody else seems to agree with. I'll let you in on my shameful secret. I've always wanted the Yankees to go after Lincecum. I think he'd be a rock star in New York.

  5. I always wanted Zack Grienke, so I'm just as bad

  6. AND....tonight's lineup !
    BeltranBrett Gardner LF
    Derek Jeter SS
    Jacoby Ellsbury CF
    Alfonso Soriano DH
    Brian McCann C
    Yangervis Solarte 2B
    Kelly Johnson 1B
    Scott Sizemore 3B
    Ichiro Suzuki RF

    RHP Hiroki Kuroda

    1. Solarte is on steroids, he has to be. Dude is destroying the ball....

  7. JEFF...I love Balfour, for what he would have brought to the swagger of this team.
    In truth, I did get my guy over the winter................Brian Roberts. Always admired his play.

  8. I wanted AJ Burnett... oh wait, I got him.


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