Monday, May 19, 2014

Sabathia likely out until July

Things just keep getting worse.

According to the New York Post's Joel Sherman, Yankees Starting Pitcher CC Sabathia, despite the fact that he's just on the 15-Day DL, is now expected to be out until July. 

Sabathia, who's currently getting treatment on the injured knee he suffered in a recent loss to the Brewers, was said to be nowhere near returning this weekend, so really, this announcement isn't that surprising. 

As of now, the veteran lefty, as you all probably already know, has been replaced by minor-leaguer Chase Whitley in the rotation, although that could change with this announcement.

If it does, Cubs Right-Hander Jeff Samardzija is likely the guy the Bombers will go after, as he has just a 1.62 ERA in 9 starts so far this season. If they do decide to pursue him, nothing will be guaranteed though, as numerous teams, the Colorado Rockies included, appear to be wanting his services already. 

Interestingly, Samardzija is actually scheduled to start Wednesday's Yankees-Cubs game, so I guess we'll get an idea of how good he really is then. Obviously, right now he's just pitching in the NL Central, a division much weaker offensively than New York's AL East.


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  2. I'd sign him up tonight if he were willing...

  3. ELLIJAY BURCH...I know that. Thank you......Lets see what happens.

    Above, and beyond that......patrick is done knocking on doors.
    To conclude tonight :
    There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that gives me any indication that Sabathia will turn this around.
    He is fat with wealth, soft, and breaking down. His presence harms this team.
    The young arms coming not need to be a part of this. Cut the cord.


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