Monday, May 19, 2014

Quick Hit: Yankees Finalists For Daniel Carbonell

The New York Yankees are said to be one of five finalists for Cuban defecting outfielder Daniel Carbonell according to Mr. Rosenthal's twitter feed, seen above. The Seattle Mariners are also said to be heavily interested in Carbonell which should be interesting to see the two teams go head to head for another free agent.

Carbonell has to sign before the new signing period for international players starts on July, 2nd and there is no speculation on what kind of contract he will command. If the Yankees are interested in the 23 year old and he has to sign before the Yankees big spending spree occurs then I would begin to speculate that the contract wouldn't be much. Remember that MLB changed the rules on Cuban defecting players making the 23 year old a true free agent this season, he has six professional seasons in Cuba, and still eligible for the cap next season.

Carbonell is a switch hitting speedy outfielder who hit .288/.378/.405 with two home runs, six steals, and ten walks last year in Cuba.


  1. Is this really such a good idea? It seems our farm system is loaded with speedy outfielders with no power. Their path is blocked by two speedy outfielders under contract long term already. If the Yankees really want to throw money away, why don't they start by releasing Thornton and or Ryan? One seems as good a way to waste money as the other.

    1. How long will he be in the minors though, you know? Three or four year? Who knows.


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