Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yankees Set-Up Man Kelley Likely Out Two More Weeks

Yep, more bad news.

Despite the fact that he was supposed to come back for this weekend's White Sox series, Yankees Set-Up Man Shawn Kelley (back) will likely be out two more weeks, The Newark Star Ledger's Jorge Castillo reports. 

Kelley, who is eligible to come off the 15-Day DL today, suffered a set back on Tuesday, causing him to miss his scheduled rehab activities (games of catch, bullpen sessions).

Because of that, #27 will have to do everything over again this week, keeping him out the extra time.

“If he did everything he was supposed to this week, he would’ve been back maybe tomorrow,” team Manager Joe Girardi told Castillo yesterday. “So we were going to take a week, but with the extra week, it probably takes a little longer.”

Right now, as you all know, the Yankees bullpen is still doing alright, with minor-leaguer Matt Daley and veteran Matt Thornton filling in nicely for Kelley.

Lately, the two have pitched seventh innings, with Adam Warren moving up to the eighth. 

Due to that switch, it again appears that the team can withstand the loss of Kelley, as the rest of their relievers seem good enough to carry the temporary extra load.

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