Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meet A Prospect: Jacob Lindgren

The New York Yankees drafted Mississippi State's relief pitcher Jacob Lindgren with their first pick, 55th overall in the second round, on Thursday in the MLB First Year Players Draft. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Lindgren as we welcome him to the family, the Yankees family.

Lindgren was a starting pitcher in his Sophomore season at Mississippi State and posted a modest 4-3 record with a 4.18 ERA in 14 starts before converting to the bullpen for his Junior season. Lindgren appeared in 24 games this season and posted a 0.81 ERA with a 16.29 K/9 ratio while allowing just 23 hits, 22 of them singles, and striking out an even 100 batters.

Lindgren struggles with command and has some questionable mechanics on a smaller frame but still strikes out plenty of batters with a hard slider and a 93-94 MPH fastball. Lindgren hides the ball well but struggles with consistency and release points at times making him a project, but a fast mover nonetheless.

The Yankees do not have a shutdown left handed relief pitcher in the system currently unless they plan on using either Manny Banuelos or Jeremy Bleich out of the pen. Lindgren is going to be a site for sore eyes in the Yankees bullpen sooner rather than later.

On the 20-80 scale that scouts use Lindgren has a 60 fastball, 65 slider, 45 command, and compares to BJ Ryan. It would not surprise me one but to see Lindgren up this September with the big league club.

Position: LHP
DOB: 03/12/1993 (Age: 21)
Height/Weight: 5'11", 205 pounds
Bats/Throws: R/L
School: Mississippi State (Junior)


  1. Pat Venditte, Bleich and Banuelos are three guys they could use right now in the BP.
    Once you get past Our top three (D-Rob, Warren and Dellin) the rest suck, time after time.
    I can't blame Joe for staying with Phelps tonight, what choice did he have?

    1. Bleich and Banuelos are starting, that may be the main reason they are not even in discussion for call ups at this point outside of this site. Venditte should be up, especially when Matt Daley is getting bombed every time out.

      Good news is Shawn Kelley should be back for the Mariners series.

    2. My reasoning for Man-Bam is he has trouble going very deep into games...his game could step up a big way, if he only had to pitch one or so innings. I have always been a fan of his.
      Again, with the mess we have...once we get past the top the PB, I think some good young arms could do a lot for us this year. If there is an opening next year, let them start but, we need help NOW.
      Kelley coming back should stabilize some of things in the BP!

    3. He has trouble because the Yankees wont let him go very deep into games. They baby him more than Joba Chamberlain.

  2. Yes, I have everything more or less FUBAR'd. If I use this browser I can have this name back again for commenting. So, I shall do so!

    1. Makes it look more active around here to have you posting as 19 different people, lol

    2. I will try and remember to use this browser for won't let me change anything in the other one. LOL


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