Tuesday, July 15, 2014

85th Edition MLB All Star Game Open Thread

American League

Derek Jeter
Mike Trout
Robinson Cano
Miguel Cabrera
Jose Bautista
Nelson Cruz
Adam Jones
Josh Donaldson
Salvador Perez

P. Felix Hernandez

National League

Andrew McCutchen
Yasiel Puig
Troy Tulowitzki
Paul Goldschmidt
Giancarlo Stanton
Aramis Ramirez
Chase Utley
Jonathan Lucroy
Carlos Gomez

P. Adam Wainwright


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  2. I deleted my previous comment because I've been drinking Captain and Coke since pitch one. Here is what I meant to say. Jeter was pulled way to early. He should have played 5 innings. The other 2 shortstops could split the remaining 4 innings.

  3. Jeffrey...naughty lad.
    Drinking Captain Morgan, and being confused......off to the scullery, with you.

  4. Agreed, Jeter should have got more than two at bats. Especially since others, Trout, got three or four at bats. Took him out way too early.

  5. THIS SCRIPT.....STINKS /.SUCKS....at 44 players, so far this year, we are repeating 2013.
    Say what you want, this year, is like swimming through sea weed. You go no place fast.

    I will be damned, if I am going to count the days until the winter meetings. We did that last year,
    and are not we better off ? NO !...Jesus, people have died waiting for this team to move forward.
    The team has not moved forward, but now sits on the edge of the drain.
    It can end really fast.......go two, and seven, and you are ten out. .500 teams DO NOT make up ground.

    Like the blood plasma injected into Tanaka, use the same mind set to inject some youth.
    The names you know....I will not go there. But with this current crew...It's done. 2013, all over again.

    Be bold, be innovative, be daring, be the dam lead dog!.......Go for it.
    The puppet show has run it's course, I'm not amused anymore.

  6. Brian Cashman is officially on the clock.... his job depends on the next 68 games

  7. Cashman is not on tenuous grounds at all...the whole Tampa Cabal is. Can anyone name a GM that will work for the Yankees, knowing everything they do has to go through the Tampa people? Told who to sign and who not to sign?
    Most every GM is left alone to hang themselves or make the right moves at the right time.
    Cashmans contract is up after this season, he has not and will not request a new one!

    When there is a player out there we could get but, will take some money to do the signing, it is Randys job to find a way to make the money available to the GM, not tell him "NO that is to much money for that guy you only have 'X' amount to spend"! When they wanted our 3rd baseman, CC and Tex they told him to get them signed! He said it was to many years for them and didn't want to do it but, was told "get it done"...he did! When the 3rd baseman opted out, Cashman said he wouldn't talk to him about a new contract. So, Hank bid against himself for his services...how has that turned out?
    I say, he is not as bad as most fans and blogs say he is, but one must remember teams will not give the Yankees the same deal they will other teams...after all, they are the Yankees and can afford more in a deal than other teams, etc....and bla, bla!
    This year, before the season began, most fans said we could contend for a play-off spot and maybe win the division!
    Ok, we lost 4/5ths of our pitching staff, players are underachieving...this is because of our GM? Because of our Manager? Or is it the expected way things can and do go wrong at the first shot?
    I think it is the latter!
    The old adage, "he will play up to the back of his baseball card" is the biggest BS I have ever heard and have been hearing for years.

  8. Who is going to fire the Steinbrenner's and Randy Levine? The Steinbrenners and Randy Levine? Doubtful. I never said Brian Cashman was responsible, just said he was the one working for a contract in 2015.

    It's Cashman's job to have the minor league talent and the depth in AAA when 4/5 of your starting rotation goes down. Cashman is allotted money by MLB, not Randy, for the draft, for international free agents, etc. Cashman can sign all the cheap minor league deals he wants with guys and pay them $500K if they make the majors and crash and burn. This is on Cash, hate to say it.

    1. True Daniel, it is, but who in there right mind, would stock 4 Major league ready pitchers in AAA and block all our young kids. How Good could they be if they were only good enough to be in AAA? Who could we have gotten that is much better than what we have now?
      Yes, it is his responsibility and his job. But I have said time and again the ownership has to change before the Yankees will be the Team of bygone years. Cut off the head and bring in someone that will let his people do their job, good or bad! A bad GM or Manager can be replaced IF they don't get it done...WIN!
      CBS ran this team into the ground and King George put them on top again, with his own money and put the profits back into the Team. We need a Owner like Cuba, someone that has no need for the profits of the team to live on!

  9. I specified minor league talent with major league ready pitching. Theoretically the biggest and hardest jump is from A ball to AA so technically, in a perfect world obviously, all five of your AAA starters should be able to start in the majors. They may struggle or not be 100% polished but still. Also you should have a long man or two in the pen, David Phelps, to step in as well. I'm not saying sign four aging veterans and not keep prospect, Shane Greene and Chase Whitley, in the minors.

  10. I see what you are trying to get through my Irish head, but we already have 4 guys from AAA! Again I point out, who would'da thunk 4 a dem...would pass out on us? He did sign a few other guys to the farm and they are in the show now...what more could he have done? He has no Crystal Ball, and he signed a FEW people to help out if needed...boy are they needed!
    I still think, with a trade or pick-up here or there could make a big difference.
    Don't misunderstand, me about Cashman, I understand him much more than many do because I have been in the same situation. I had Arm Chair fat asses, critiquing every move I made for a couple of years, until I had a long (short) talk with one of them out side.
    In his case, he may not be the best GM in baseball, but to put up with all the stuff he has had to; all the lying, behind his back deals, and told one thing and then have things change after the barn door was open for many weeks and all the good horses are gone. Not an easy way to make a living.
    Point being; Cashman could have told them to stuff the job. He didn't, therefore he is the guy that has to answer to the fans and the so called PRESS.
    I sometimes think the Media all took English and not Journalism #101...they are nothing more than copy machines.

    1. We have Shane Greene from AAA, Whitley is in the pen now I think. Even with him that's just two.

      David Phelps, Kuroda, and McCarthy are not from AAA.

    2. Cashman may have been able to do better, I have no argument with that, but hind sight is 100% correct!
      Green, Whitley, Dellin, Warren, Ramirez, Claiborrne, Huff, Miller are all from the Farm.
      Green and Whitley were starting and Green is still starting. All the others have had time in the BP, which frees up guys like Phelps, Whitley and Green to be in the starting rotation when needed. The axiom; "Cause and Effect" is in play here!
      I still think we should bring up two or so players from AAA, someone needs to take charge of this team and inject some drive and excitement into the rest of the players.

    3. SPAMMER REED....love that name.
      I think Shane Greene, is going to be the surprise of the season.
      I was walking through a part of 'Hell's Kitchen', this week, in Manhattan.
      Thinking of you. Stay well.

    4. Never walk in and OUT, back in the day (30s/40s).
      I have never ever been back, and will never be visiting!

    5. Of course hindsight is 20/20. The thing is though he has had plenty of years to build a suitable farm system. Not even a Top 10, just one that is respectable would suit me at this point. This is more than just this season.

      Huff was not from the farm he got DFA'd by San Francisco. Miller doesn't count because he was a 32 year old on a minor league deal.

    6. Almost every year we give up our first two or three draft picks because we sign FA?
      His fault or the Cabal, who knows! I know for sure he was against signing Tex, CC and Our 3rd baseman, to the contracts they got. And the 2nd contract for said 3rd baseman.
      I am not trying to make excuses for Cashman, just pointing out he is hamstrung many times by others in the organization. The gods know, he may not be the best in the world as a GM but.........!

      Question: How well could you do your job if your bosses kept changing the rules and telling you to do something you know to be wrong. Remember, the personnel he has working with him as department heads, they are not the best...the best run, not walk , far from the Yankees, as do the available GMs!

      Cashmans job is to ignore the dummies and get the job done! He hasn't done it.
      They have a choice....New owners, New GM on down the line!
      Which do you think it would be? LOL

  11. Hey...Daniel.
    Should the Yankees pick up the two year contract, for Cliff Lee ?
    It will be hefty, no matter what Philadelphia contributes. Is it worth it ? Roll the dice ?
    I would not give them any player. It was all over the New York air waves today.

    I would hate to see, another dead weight contract.

    1. If he proves to be healthy I don't see why not. We would either take on the contract, which you can live with since it's just for this season and next, or you get Philly to eat some of it.

      Either way we don't give up much and get the potential for a top of the rotation starter. Once again it's about three or four years too late but meh.

  12. THOMAS TWASP....notification:
    I continue to light candles for you, at St. Francis Church, at Wantagh, New york.

    If you are deceased, I hope family will let me know, so I can get a rebate.
    Stay healthy, my friend.


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