Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming To The New York Yankees, Dan Uggla?

Is the next member of the New York Yankees on his way in Dan Uggla? Uggla has fallen out of favor with the Atlanta Braves and was benched in favor of rookie prospect Tommy La Stella. Uggla was seldom used off the bench and now may be on his way out of all together as the Braves called up another prospect in Phil Gosselin. No corresponding roster move has been announced that I have heard about but many rumors point to Uggla, who was already suspended this week by the team for one game, being designated for assignment or traded. Should the Yankees pounce?

Uggla's best season came four years ago in 2010 when he hit .287 with 33 home runs and 105 RBI's with the Marlins before being flipped to the Atlanta Braves. Uggla strikes out a lot, a ton actually, but has always possessed adequate defense and home run pop. For some reason that pop has disappeared in Atlanta this season and the defense has gone from adequate to downright atrocious.

Uggla has hit 36, 19, and 22 home runs before this season with Atlanta so the pop is still there although Uggla has been reduced to a part time player in 2014. The problem with Uggla is in those same seasons he batted .233, .220, .179, and .162 this season. In those same seasons Uggla has struck out 156, 168, 171, and 40 times in 48 games this season.

Uggla is owed $13 million for the 2015 season and the Braves are likely to eat all of that in a trade or if he is designated for assignment. Uggla would come for next to nothing so why not? I would love to have a power bat that could come off the bench late in games but I would love Robert Refsnyder more, pass.


  1. DAN UGGLA...interesting, but no thank you. He would not change one thing here. Except, maybe make
    it worse, at another's expense.
    Brian Roberts is better. And, Refsnyder should be brought up, to team, and learn from Roberts.
    Refsnyder, has the makings to be....a Dustin Pedroia.


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