Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brian Roberts Designated For Assignment

Breaking news out of New York as second baseman Brian Roberts has been designated for assignment. Robert's 25 man and 40 man roster spot will go to the newly acquired Stephen Drew. I am not sure if this means Drew will be playing second base or if it's just a coincidence but I don't believe in many coincidences. Either way the Brian Roberts era is over and the Stephen Drew era has begun. We may or may not get a upgrade offensively but we definitely will defensively and that's always a start.


  1. Won't Drew just be a bench guy? I mean, Johnson's gone and Prado's in

    1. Never mind. Bryan Hoch just tweeted that Prado will play right field

  2. Drew will be our every day second baseman.

  3. They weren't the major upgrades we were looking for, but they were upgrades none the less. Roberts was painful to watch at second, and Drew has a much better glove. I wanted to see O'Brien mash in Yankee Stadium, but he was a man without a position. Prado is the definition of versatility.

    1. Drew has hit really well as of late. Yankee Stadium could help. I am not in love with the deal, I really wanted Asdrubal Cabrera, but oh well. Roberts is gone and so is Kelly Johnson. I'm happy.

  4. I agree, we didn't get a true out fielder with a good bat or a front line pitcher but, what the hell we got better anyhow. Now, IF those we already have would play up to their true game, we could win some games.
    We aren't going anywhere in the play-off anyhow, so come on up Farm hands, we still need an out fielder in right. Could it be the Cuban? Only Cashman and the Tampa Cabal know!

    1. Between Detroit and Oakland I think Cashman knew better than to trade big prospects for a lost cause. No one is getting past those teams.

  5. No Ken, not the Cuban. What they need to do is stop wasting the prospects time. Judge is a 22 year old 3 year college player that has torn up low and high a ball. Skip aa, and send him straight to aaa. If he still hits, September callup. He's a true right fielder that I'm thankful the Yanks didn't give up.

    1. I agree with being aggressive with Judge.

    2. Calling up Judge, Luis Severino, Pirela, Refsnyder and even Jose Camos is something I would love to see in September! (Good old September, I'll be 77) I also want them to call up the kids, but they seam to be very reluctant to do it. My contention has always been, use the kids first and find out if they are any good.
      Why trade away players such as Judge for a 32+ player that will have seen his better days elsewhere? Blocking a good player for a couple of years is a long time if you are in AAA, looking up at the Show, knowing you can play as well if not better than whomever they traded for!
      (Bad English I know, and too damn old to care)

  6. BRIAN ROBERTS...a great fan of Roberts, am I. A fine second baseman in his time.
    I could see the collapsing of the his skills, over the past number of weeks. Sorry to watch that.
    That said.....I wish Brian only the best. I know some team will latch onto you.
    Stay strong.

  7. SIZE MATTERS.....not in Ken Reeds world.
    Size in a players tallness, means nothing.
    Cespedes, now of Boston..........5' 10", 210 pounds....will be a monster in Fenway.
    Rusney Castillo, or the 'Cuban', as they refer to him at this site....5' 9". 205 pounds...could be a monster in NYC.

    He could be our, Cespedes. The other Cubans have run from the barn door. Close the door
    on this one.

    1. Patrick...
      IF size mattered, I never would have gotten out of "The Kitchen"! Being as I was only 5' 9" and 175lbs.
      Skill, talent, hard work, training, knowing thyself and being a "Junk Yard Dog".
      All the experts said Brett was nothing better than a 4th or 5th Out Fielder, he is one of the hardest workers on the team...and made a fool of the experts. Now there is a "Junk Yard Dog"

    Our captain, Dan, has been pushing for Prado all season. We now own him.
    A hand salute,....... from me....... nice job.
    Can Grant Balfour, be far behind ?

  9. Patrick:

    I was a fan of Brian Roberts too and I really thought we had something with him. I looked forward to writing rave reviews about his comeback and his first healthy season in forever and blah blah. That's baseball. He will latch on somewhere else.

    The Cuban, or Rusney Castillo, doesn't have the power Cespedes has. He has power, maybe 20 home run power, but no where near Abreu or Cespdes power. So they say anyway.

    Keep lighting the candles for Balfour. We need bullpen help and Balfour could easily clear waivers and come to New York. Weirder things have happened.

  10. RUSNEY CASTILLO'S POWER...or, " so they say anyway."
    My Question to the Greedy Pinstripes crew : What have we before us ?

    Here we have Rusney Castillo, a Cuban ball player. Who is there for the taking.
    As were Puig, Cespedes, and Abreu....all now All Stars. What's wrong here ? Other teams did
    their homework, and the Yankees looked the the way ? Seems that way.
    Put just one of those three in this years line-up, and you have something. Imagine ?

    Who now pops up ?...Rusney Castillo. Who is he ?
    Big question, do they keep ' true' stats / records in Cuba. games played, avg., home runs, etc ?
    I know, and have read, all I could find regarding his audition / showcase in Florida. So have you.

    I come away with vague reporting. Castillo, is a muscular 5'9", 210 player. Within an inch shorter
    than Cespedes. Castillo is extremely fast, and can hit with power. Slotted to be be a left fielder. But.......
    Does he have a track record from his years playing in Cuba ? Someone must have a read on him ?

    The Yankees have let three wonderful players just slip away.....dust in the wind. Gone.
    And here now stands before them, Rusney Castillo. Is he the fourth Musketeer ? Or, a goat ?
    Mr. Steinbrenner, would have had two of the first three in the fold, at this point.

  11. MARLON BYRD....let the Philadelphia Phillies sit in their filthy waste. Fools.
    Keep Byrd, and your death knell season. Keep paying him, as you circle the drain.

    Smart demand Judge & Severino, for your ships waste ?
    Keep Byrd, and embrace him. As you receive your last rights. Fools.

  12. CHUPACABRA & Brian Van Dusen.

    I have worked with Dominicans for years, who fear the Chupacabra. It scares them.
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    And now you chose the Chupacabra for your intro. Funny.
    I would bet, that the Chupacabra name, and lure, is 100 % foreign to this site.
    Non the less...very funny.


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