Friday, July 11, 2014

Imagining A Yankees Lineup w/ Troy Tulowitzki

Yesterday I wrote, seen HERE, that the Yankees should empty the farm for the Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, I won't spend too much time on it as you can easily click the link and read the article for yourself but just for fun I wanted to take a look at a lineup this season and next with Tulo in the middle of it. That right handed power and presence really changes this lineup dramatically, doesn't it?

*note this is what I think the Yankees lineup would be, not what I would personally send out there


Jacoby Ellsbury
Derek Jeter
Carlos Beltran
Troy Tulowitzki (3B/2B)
Mark Teixeira
Brian McCann
Brian Roberts
Yangervis Solarte/Ichiro Suzuki
Brett Gardner


Brett Gardner
Jacoby Ellsbury
Troy Tulowitzki
Mark Teixieira
Alex Rodriguez (remember me?)
Carlos Beltran
Brian McCann
Yangervis Solarte
Robert Refsnyder

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